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  1. Colorado seems to hae one of best sprint networks in the country. I am seeing speeds of 60 mbs to 70 mbs and I even gotten couple test with 102 to 110 mbs. I wonder what was sprint motivation behind deploying great network in colorado
  2. So did upgrades stop ? I live in highlands ranch and i get lte upstars but 3g down stars.
  3. How is service on sprint now. What is good device for sprint. I got tired of waiting for sprint so I jumped on cheap udp line verizon and it has lte evrywhere. I had notice that verizon shares same issue with sprint when comes to switching between cdma and lte. I get my lg g3 or note 3 stuck in 3g so I have to use airplane mode. This not a problem in cities as I get lte everywhere I go. Hiking in conifer would give me lte 3g and lte iphone 5s has no issue switching but lg g3 gets stuck in 3g.
  4. That is nice but I never seen anything like that on my phone but it sees lg g2 has issues. I seen 276 mb/s on t-mobile few times.
  5. With sprint having 5x5 deployment of lte slow speeds will follow only the wimax band offers 20x20 the only problem is that according to sprint they need 30000 towers. Yesterday i exchanged lg g2 for nexus 5 and it required lots of updates to get it working but sprint network seems to be worked on or data was down along santa fe from mineral down north, i made to hampden and lte and 3g were on but no data. My other line lg g2 did not get any data either, I hope more sprint lte is coming. The problem with sprint is that most of lte phones have 1900mhz lte but it makes most sense to invest into 800 mhz lte sadly sprint seems to be jumping all over frequencies investing into 1900, 800 2600 at same time this gives poor lte coverage.
  6. Well i was getting 3 mbs on lg g2 around wal-mart in castle rock, co. T-mobile gets 50 mbs
  7. Is sprint lte slowing down as more users get on it. i noticed that caste rock had 10/15 mbs no more like 3 mb/s
  8. It seems more and more lte sites are poping up around denver. It seems two new sites were launched along c470 after wadsworth.
  9. Today I was at hildebrand ranch park Jefferson open space just across from Wadsworth blvd and I got full strength lte and I used to ge only 3g speeds there. I got 22 mb/s download speeds. So this sunday anyone who wants to enjoy lte can take their family for a hike around the area.
  10. Well sprint failed Denver and other large cities with an upgrade to lte. How many times we had heard that lte will be deployed by summer of 2013 ? So sprint sold tons of 1900 lte phones before lte was deployed so would make sense for sprint to install 800/1900 lte all over country.
  11. I asumed that iphone comes with number of difrent bands and you have it running on sprint lte. You right it is 2600, i dont understand logic behind sprint deployment starting with frequencies that is not supported by most lte phones. Is sprint deploying diffrent towers with diffrent frequencies.
  12. it this a verizon phone on sprint network ? It seems that sprint is deploying more of 2500 mhz lte. I was geting lte on my lg g2 on d line light rail and in downtown in places where my lg g was not geting any lte.
  13. Well I had been enjoying my new lg g2 ( i am selling my lg g if anyone is interested) I drove by cherry creek and I was getting lte on university blvd. I was getting 4 to 7 mbs and .3 upload speed ways away from mall by the time I got to the mall my speed wen up to 16 mbs and then 34 mbs and 10 to 16 mbs uploading speed. Around new denver courthouse and jail i was getting 44 to 54 mbs
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