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  1. RT @tha_rami: A 44-year old man with severe mental issues attacked my former high school in the Netherlands today. Since he did not have a…

  2. Wow I love this https://t.co/VLwfwJ8n96

  3. RT @zach_goins: can you believe taylor used to be this country?! https://t.co/z8XrvXDIou

  4. But do y’all remember Jeffree Star’s music career?

  5. I just read “dicho” as dick hoe. Hahahah

  6. RT @g__erry: i need to stop taking preworkout at 1130 pm https://t.co/odlv2rSTKH

  7. RT @MisterPreda: Seeing so many of your shining faces marching in downtown LA this morning makes me so proud. Raise your voices! Together w…

  8. Can you tell I never took geography in high school ?

  9. Can you tell I never took geography in high school ?

  10. Why am I like this though

  11. Pretending to not be sick is difficult when I can’t even breathe ?

  12. I’M SCREAMING ? https://t.co/a1UCzIYspr

  13. RT @Madbhillin: My tio on the roof of the garage lifting up the piñata every time I take a swing so I will miss smh https://t.co/uGH2wP20Jf

  14. You know you have a problem when all the employees at @ElPolloLoco know you by name.

  15. Don’t take life for granted.

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