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  1. Does anyone have any updates for Expedience sites that never got the upgrade to WiMax, like Dayton OH?
  2. Did the field test screen get any updates?
  3. This is the return package to ship your old phone back, not your new phone. I got the same email for my wifes phone.
  4. Yes, the network has gotten "that good', but south east Dayton has no band 41 love. It's like everything has just stopped on band 41 expansion around here. And band 26 is a mess.
  5. These carrier setting changes are so god damn aggravating. Probably talking to most popular phone model Sprint sells, yet it can't stay connected to LTE. It's no wonder people give Sprint a bad name.. I shouldn't have to toggle airplane mode when I'm covered in B25 and B26 coverage.
  6. I hope, 24.1 has been a struggle for me. I will let everyone know how my phone does.
  7. Yes, I've done the ##update and even did the newest beta download of iOS to try and get a new carrier bundle and nothing. Still on 24.1
  8. My iPhone 6 has been getting on 3G real easy and not reconnecting to LTE at all since this latest iOS/carrier update. I hate it, I can literally be across the street from a tower and I won't switch over unless I cycle airplane mode.
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    You guys can add me as well. Chaddy0122@gmail.com
  10. Looks like it.. "We also expect to see the application of this technology to the mobile network of our group company Sprint in the US."
  11. So what are they doing with Expedience markets like Dayton?
  12. Yes, your contract will go away. You are essentially tied to your phone with a lease contract now, but it lets you upgrade a year early. As far as the $15 bill credit, see the following link. Every month when my month will renew, I have -$15 bill due until my actual bill gets finalized, then it's 143 something after taxes for 2 Sero lines, 1 leasing (64 gb 6s) and 1 still on subsidy. We actually only pay $4.73 I think extra a month to lease my wife's phone. Hope this helps. https://www.sprint.com/webconversionform/Separating_EPP_Plan_SERO_Everything_Plus.pdf
  13. Sero customers get a $15 bill credit if you lease or use easy pay, so its about a wash vs. subsidy.
  14. I'm glad to hear it is running good and that you can set a max for data usage. We are receiving ours today. Ordered it as a Christmas present for our oldest son.
  15. To the OP, have you looked into the Sprint WiFi connect? I know it isn't MU-MIMO, but it is free... I know we have another thread on it, but how has the Sprint version of the Asus RT-AC66 been performing for people? I've considered contacting Sprint to get one, but I have an Airport Extreme and Express that work flawlessly. I just don't know if it is worth trying out the Sprint WiFi router or not.
  16. According to the news release about the new $1 deal, a 6s plus with 128gb is $14.53 with your trade in of the 6 plus
  17. I've been talking with some of the customer care people on twitter and they are kind of conflicting themselves. They say I can't get on the $1 lease because I don't own the 6 outright, but that I can return the 6s and re-do my lease terms. I talked to 2 different stores (a Radio Shack and corporate store) and they both told me different answers. So, I'm going to the corporate store after work to see if they can get it to work, since they told me it would be able to be re-done under the new promotion. We shall see...
  18. My wife's shows delivered, but I don't think she knows it's out there right now. UPS came real early this morning. Usually they don't show up until 6-7 at night Edit: Just got a pic of it, but not activating until she backs up and we figure out what to do with getting the $1 deal.
  19. I've been getting awesome battery life with beta 9.1. I'm at 70% battery with 3 hrs usage, 10.5 hrs standby. Before, with iOS8 and beta 9, I would be at 40%-50%.
  20. Yeah, I just sent sprintcare and marcelo a tweet and got a rep to respond pretty quick. Pretty much confirmed what the chat specialist said. I recommended they charge the early lease fee if the device isn't returned within the 30 day mark. That's crazy to do it before you even have the new device. I bet new account holders are freaking out
  21. Daaaaaang! I don't feel so bad now. They def. need more clarity with this!
  22. No, we got out of a 2 year contract early if we went on to iphone forever or easy pay
  23. Yeah I have a 322 balance on my account, 315 for my early lease + taxes. I haven't even been billed for last months usage either. They should have made this a little more clear when you sign up for these lease programs. I talked with a chat specialist and he informed me the early lease charge and taxes will go away once the old phone is received.
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