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  1. I would think there will be a big push to get customers to switch over to N Tmobile in September when new 5G (presumably) iPhones come out
  2. Awesome! Just looked and I'm on 47359 in Dayton OH, under the Cincinnati market.
  3. Does anyone know how to find TAC on iphone field test screen?
  4. So I guess would be a good day (and last chance) to add a line with advantage plus for my daughter.
  5. Does anyone have any updates for Expedience sites that never got the upgrade to WiMax, like Dayton OH?
  6. Did the field test screen get any updates?
  7. This is the return package to ship your old phone back, not your new phone. I got the same email for my wifes phone.
  8. Yes, the network has gotten "that good', but south east Dayton has no band 41 love. It's like everything has just stopped on band 41 expansion around here. And band 26 is a mess.
  9. These carrier setting changes are so god damn aggravating. Probably talking to most popular phone model Sprint sells, yet it can't stay connected to LTE. It's no wonder people give Sprint a bad name.. I shouldn't have to toggle airplane mode when I'm covered in B25 and B26 coverage.
  10. I hope, 24.1 has been a struggle for me. I will let everyone know how my phone does.
  11. Yes, I've done the ##update and even did the newest beta download of iOS to try and get a new carrier bundle and nothing. Still on 24.1
  12. My iPhone 6 has been getting on 3G real easy and not reconnecting to LTE at all since this latest iOS/carrier update. I hate it, I can literally be across the street from a tower and I won't switch over unless I cycle airplane mode.
  13. You guys can add me as well. Chaddy0122@gmail.com
  14. Looks like it.. "We also expect to see the application of this technology to the mobile network of our group company Sprint in the US."
  15. So what are they doing with Expedience markets like Dayton?
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