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  1. 8thsw street just west of 65 new antennas are installed!! i did have time to get pics I will try Wednesday
  2. Interesting thought with Iowa being one of the last to get an LTE upgrade and how fast technology gets better. Will we be getting the latest equipment then say California who was first to get LTE?
  3. I ran down to the hubbell euclid tower that i posted pic of weeks ago and took some time to look around. i Figured out that i took picks of t-mobiles ground equipment not sprints there are three fence in areas around the one tower. Now i know witch is sprints equipment so i can tell if anything changes in the coming months.
  4. Will do. The one closest to hubbell that has only one set of antenna on the top is At&ts
  5. Hello been reading the thread for a month finally joined. My ? there are two towers on E Euclid and Hubbell. Sprint site show there is a tower at this location. Saw two Vans out there last week after they left i went to take a look one is At&Ts the other in American Tower Corperation on the fence im guessing sprint rents tower space? Sorry if this is posted before i tried to find ATC on the thread. Thanks
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