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  1. On. Feb. 8, Durant tweeted out that he was going to be productive with the break by earning his degree. While actually earning a law degree in a short week and with his busy schedule is pretty much impossible -- unless he somehow found the time when he wasn't improving his game to an MVP level -- the tweet gained a lot of attention with almost 3,400 retweets and almost 6,500 favorites.... http://www.koco.com/thunder/kevin-durant-is-a-baller-not-a-lawyer-in-sprint-commercial/31285908?absolute=true
  2. Stevero

    Sprint Q4 2014 earnings report

    T-mobile has a dense rural network in OK? Okay, I never realized that. I just know that their nearest LTE tower is three miles west of me. The signal from that tower doesn't reach my house, and OKC extends eight miles further east of me with no LTE service in city limits much less rural. So you're saying there is still a chance of T-mobile being an actual option for OKC city dwellers in the future?
  3. Stevero

    Northeast Blizzard, Jan. 2015

    70s and sunny here. Rode my motorcycle to work.
  4. Stevero

    Northeast Blizzard, Jan. 2015

    Been there done that in the Great White North! Did my time in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, 360" for the season the year I left. Northern Maine is a hoot in winter. They just scoop dirt from the nearest potato field and spread it on the roads for traction in the snow, then the trucks sling the accompanying big rocks at your car and through your windshield. And there is nothing like North Dakota in the winter when it's 40 below and the wind is blowing like crazy turning the snow into snirt (snow & dirt). I'll count myself lucky for the rest of this week as the temperature here will be in the 70s with warm sunshine.
  5. Stevero

    Spark v. Spark Turbo

    FWIW Sprint maps show my kiddo in Burleson squarely in a turbo area but haven't had a sniff of B41 there. At least not as of thanksgiving weekend when I was there last. As usual YMMV.
  6. Stevero

    Network Vision/LTE - Oklahoma Market

    The Sprint tower that I care most about, the one that I would use while at the gym (streaming while on one of the aerobic machines) is not yet B26 enabled. So I have to use my Verizon phone and eat up the caped data there. I'd much rather use unlimited Sprint data. My gym tower (Sooner & SE44th) is one of the few that doesn't have B26 around here, wonder why. It's certainly accessible from either major road. Funny thing is that when it first went live with LTE it worked great in the gym. Then they did something, dialed back the power or changed an angle and it was back to unusable at only one mile away. But then that was true of all of the Sprint 1900 LTE conversions around here, they were much more usable when first done and I don't think it's just additional user load over time.
  7. Stevero

    Network Vision/LTE - Oklahoma Market

    My GF misses every other call it seems. No ring. I'm still using my Verizon phone waiting for Sprint to get it together.
  8. The U.S. Department of Justice is collecting data from Americans' cellphones with surveillance planes that "mimic cellphone towers," according to a Wall Street Journal report. The program is designed to catch criminals, but collects data from innocent people as well, sources familiar with the operation told the Journal. The program is similar to the National Security Administration's dragnet approach to collecting information about ordinary citizens while tracking down criminals and terrorists. A Justice Department official would not confirm or deny the existence of the program to the Journal: "The official said discussion of such matters would allow criminal suspects or foreign powers to determine U.S. surveillance capabilities. Justice Department agencies comply with federal law, including by seeking court approval, the official said." The program has existed since 2007, and is operated by the U.S. Marshals Service's Technical Operations Group. It deploys Cessna aircraft from at least five airports that, combined, have a flying range that covers most of the U.S. population. According to the Journal story, by Devlin Barrett, the planes carry a device called a "dirtbox" — the name is inspired by Digital Receiver Technology Inc., the Boeing subsidiary that makes the device — that acts like a cellphone communications tower. http://www.washingtonpost.com/national/report-secret-government-program-uses-aircraft-for-mass-cellphone-surveillance/2014/11/14/d996e71c-d6ee-418b-92ee-60eeb3620a89_story.html
  9. So is the Nexus 5 a Spark device or not? If not currently is there still a pending update? Doesn't affect me but DiL has Nexus 5 in what the DFW maps ID as a Spark Turbo area.
  10. Stevero

    Announcing...Honored Premier Sponsor

    Just keep donating $10 at a time until you make it, then you'll know.
  11. Stevero

    Announcing...Honored Premier Sponsor

    So what's the current dollar target to get into the top 25?
  12. Stevero

    Who's on this tower?

  13. Stevero

    Who's on this tower?

  14. Stevero

    LG Google Nexus 5 Users Thread!

    Yep, did that of course, and all devices have 4.4.3. I'm reasonably intelligent with 35 years of electronics engineering experience so I can at least be taught. I try and follow these forums but it's easy to miss something due to the sheer amount of data hence the post(s) looking for info. Personally I gave up on Sprint years ago and have a phone from another provider, but following Sprint is a bit of a hobby and still have phones for family on Sprint. Assuming that if data is barely working and you're in the vicinity of a Spark tower then you're not getting Spark. If they've been working on the network then they've been doing so since the first part of May when the kiddo's moved down there.
  15. Stevero

    LG Google Nexus 5 Users Thread!

    Well, doesn't make sense to me either (except that LTE service in OKC has deteriorated significantly since receiving 4.4.3). I drove down I-35E to 121, drove past DFW on 121 to Fort Worth, then down I-35W to Burleson. Drove back from Burleson all the way through Fort Worth on I-35W without a sniff of Band 41. This was Saturday and Sunday. Looks like we were near 30-40 Band 41 towers completed in 2013. The DiL has a completed band 41 tower across the street from her office downtown at Cherry between 7th & 10th and can only send and receive texts. .