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  1. Are the areas around Jim Thorpe over to Pottsville in this market? Seems anything above the mountain doesn't even have 3g. It's pretty ridiculous, but if LTE isn't coming, is at least something faster than 1xRTT? I spend a lot of time in Jim Thorpe, albrightsville, lehighton, nesquehoning, hometown, tamaqua, St Clair, pottsville, shamokin, and no 3g anywhere... Just curious and hoping that maybe sometime soon Sprint will get this whole part of the state improved. Thanks
  2. 53fireman

    Current & Coming Soon Sprint Communities - LTE Status

    Can't load the map right now because I'm on wonderful 1xRTT and it took 6 minutes just to load the forum on tapatalk.... Anyway, is there any word on the central PA market I believe it is.... Above Route 78 to include Jim Thorpe, Albrightsville, Lehighton, Nesquehoning, Tamaqua, Hometown, Pottsville, St Clair, and all areas in between and around those listed? There's not even 3g in any of those areas, and it's been horrendously slow data forever up here. Are all towers slated to get LTE, if not, what are the odds of at least getting workable 3g? It's a pretty large area that Sprint is neglecting, while ATT has LTE, we take 2 mins to load a mobile Google.com..... Thanks
  3. 53fireman

    Everything data plan ending?

    No intention now, but it was nice knowing if I wanted to bump to the 1250, I could.
  4. 53fireman

    Everything data plan ending?

    Will we still able to switch back and forth from SERO-P 500 and 1250 plans? Or are we now stuck with whatever one we have?
  5. I've been coming up here for years and always get 1x in all 3 of those towns mentioned, plus every town on the way to and from.... On a new HTC One now and same thing... It's not the boonies either, pretty populated towns.
  6. Are 1xRTT towers ever going to get at least 3g? Anything above I-78 west of Allentown (Jim Thorpe, Hazleton, Pottsville) is horribly slow, and always has been. Not sure what market they are, but just curious if it'll be 1980's speed data forever.
  7. In Reading near Lancaster Ave & 422.... Can't even get a 3g connection to hold to do a speed test. It just blinks the icon a few times and stalls out. Sprint has some real crap areas that are supposed to get LTE soon, but I don't know how if we can't even get 3g.
  8. Picked up quick hints of 4g in Kimberton and Pottstown recently... Pretty stoked
  9. I was picking up LTE pretty good on my new ONE the other day in Eagleville (19403). I hope it starts moving up 422 to Pottstown and Reading sometime soon.