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  1. zonk

    Network Vision/LTE - Minnesota Market

    I got a really strong LTE connection at Target Center. More towers going live.
  2. zonk

    Network Vision/LTE - Minnesota Market

    Minnesota Status: Partial LTE Launched/NV Upgrades Continuing NV Sites Accepted = 83% LTE Sites Accepted = 60% Hopefully once NV hits 100% more LTE towers go live and then we get Spark and we all get Spark phones and everything is just fine.
  3. zonk

    Network Vision/LTE - Minnesota Market

    LTE showing up around 169 and 394. 1.6Mbps download. Fast as my home internet.
  4. zonk

    Other forms of payment

    I would like to become a sponsor and rather pay using bitcoin. Will you be accepting bitcoin in the future? One site that may be able to help you accept bitcoin is https://bitpay.com/