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  1. That site may have M-MIMO on it and active. I drive near it every day just not past it. If you look back a page there's some pics of M-MIMO gear on a couple Columbus market towers. If you see similar equipment feel free to snap some pics of the antennas and get some bragging rights. BTW, do you know anyone that needs a magic box so they get better data in their house or business?
  2. The site by Kingy's probably? That one tends to be pretty open. Depends on the sector and time of day. Up near Gender though still pretty rough right?
  3. Of course now that it's been spotted AND known, anyone hunting will be able to spot them. Just like the clear to full build work. Seeing that more and more too however I wonder if those also include the MMIMO configuration?
  4. Welcome to the area! I live in Pickerington near Meijer and frequent Pickerington and Canal. What you're experiencing is normal for that geographic area. The nearest site is a couple miles from that restaurant to the NNW. The next closest site is about 3 miles dues east and then the next closest is about 7 miles SSE. Voice coverage is pretty fair thanks to B26 coverage but data, not so much! It is sad because a huge shopping area and a water tower with every other carrier known to mankind does not have Sprint on it. There is a Sprint store in the strip behind the McDonalds which may have a MB or SC which might have been affecting you too. There was a store near Kroger that had an Airave at one time. When you see the high pings nowadays, that generally is old backhaul like T-1 or T-3 lines and not fiber. As the case in Pickerington, there's a HUGE lapse in fiber. There is fiber going in down Diley Rd; I don't know who's paying for it so it might be for the cable companies. For instance going up 256 south of 70 was high pings and miserable speeds but literally north of 70 was low pings and tons of speed. I hope that the merger with T-Mobile will open up some bandwidth in those areas.
  5. Post a pic? that Tim guy can tell what gear is what in his sleep. This reminds me there was someone with ropes up on Hill Rd/33 tower Friday night. I need to see what they've done.
  6. I just gave some money to the situation. It's Christmas time. It's for our friend. No question.
  7. Scrambling to find the thumbs up icon...
  8. Only thing I'm going to complain about is that Sprint didn't seem to do anything special for being a loyal customer. I was a customer for 11 years and stuck out my contract when service was beyond miserable. For that reason I went shopping and found better deals. I tried TMO and found their service a lot like Sprint. I went elsewhere.
  9. http://www.apple.com/iphone/LTE/ Apples LTE band demystification site.
  10. Welcome back! The iPhone 6 does not support Sprint B41 which is Sprint's spectrum to relieve the congestion of the other bands. They literally can dish out plenty of speed in that band. The iPhone 6+ does support B41. So this is technically why your data speeds are possible to be so slow. Next is location, location, location! Easton is one of several difficult areas to get signal to because it has to maintain a certain look. Then anywhere away from the mall could be Sprint badlands because of the valley nearby. Pickering ton is also another place that towers have to be creatively placed. There are many around Pickerington and one in. Unfortunately everyone's dog and cat in Pickerington has a cell phone and it is one heavy user area. Not only so for Sprint but other carriers as well. Your only bet for a great data experience on sprint with an iPhone is an iPhone 6s. Edit: I looked again and the iPhone 6 and 6+ do list B41. Maybe the issue then is no carrier aggregation? Also keep in band B41 is short range, complete opposite of B26. Sprint is now converting Clear sites to B41 in our market creating a denser B41 experience.
  11. Could be second carrier coming online and/or carrier aggregation (CA) but CA speeds should be a lot higher. It may also depend on your distance and since you're going through a mobile access point may contribute to choking your speed. The fastest I ever got from that site was mid 30's and it was night time. Are you using B41 or B26 LTE?
  12. @GMotif you live south of Waterloo right? Have you seen the fiber being installed by on your south?
  13. How about we accept the fact that Sprint has network priority and management in place and that it does it's job. So who cares if someone runs a speed test or someone is watching YouTube. Network management prioritizes the packets as it sees fit for the defined profiles. So let's argue about another metric...my network has greater cell density than yours.
  14. So when you go to Frishe's you get the buffet and not the big boy? Because the big boy isn't on the buffet. Of course that was a silly question because you go for the cake and Frische's charges per slice for cake. Unless you steal the cake? To which you suck because their cake is not worth paying for but stealing the cake is still law breaking.
  15. So you have a case of data envy? You can't use as much as data as the rest of us so shame us? Draw some conclusions there. I'm going to run a speed test right now and post it in honor of you AJ.
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