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  1. I'm not familiar with Texas but was this an area that you have been spending time in BlackAfrica since the LTE launch and not seeing 4G?


    Yes it is an area I'm in a lot. I own a home in the North Dallas area. Unfortunately I work in a South Dallas area so I rent down there.



    I check the Sprint coverage map a couple of times a day (sad I know) and it just turned orange (LTE) all over Allen, Mckinney, Fairview and points east.

    BlackAfrica, were you able to do a speedtest?


    Yes, I did a speed test while I was there. 7.10 D 3.03 U

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  2. So I'm out on the McKinney greens with my son's and low and behold I'm getting great 4G signals here. I guess north Texas can breath a sigh of relief you did not have to wait long.That would be Eldorado and Medical Center drive.

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