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  1. RT @Pontifex: The unity of love is realised when we announce together the wonders God has done for us.


    #sprintoutage in Des Moines Iowa 50266 and 50309.

  3. RT @mishacollins: ???????????????????????????????? you guys for supporting #YouAreNotAlone! The network will go live soon. You can sign up to volunteer here: https…

  4. I'm bouncing between B26 and B41 here downtown. Guess that's how it is. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Whoops! It's one of the three b41 towers. The one closest to the library. I'm not sure if it's accepted yet or just testing. Speeds were better today about 4 to 5 mb down. And I think they are probably working on the other two towers. Texts are having issues. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. So speeds are crazy slow again on our b41 tower. Is this testing related maybe or should I put in a ticket? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. I was there last night and service felt rougher than last year. Texts wouldn't send and data was out. I'm wondering if it was connected yet or just overcrowded b/c it was the 1st day. Either was I'm EXTREMELY satisfied with the work going on to convert to B41.
  8. Android Central is giving away Google Cardboard to 100 lucky people! Go enter now! http://t.co/wv3V8QA1u9

  9. I'm getting between 20-25 mb down in the downtown area by the library...this has never ever been close. I'm using an iPhone 6. Speeds dropped for a while in the afternoon to around 3-4 mb so they might be testing or maybe congestion? Either way...WAY better than the last 7 yrs!
  10. I wouldn't go that far. The south side still has some coverage issues. And I only have an iPhone 5/Moto X combo so I'm not seeing b26. Sometimes data is still really bad but I've just given up. Still....I enjoy the posts and the community here!
  11. Speeds are great downtown today after being terrible yesterday. Today's speedtest was .82ms ping and 5.53 down.
  12. I'm hoping that when sprint starts throttling data in June some of this will go away.
  13. When our LTE speeds are slow, like now I'm getting .64 dl and .84 upload, is it better to switch to 3g?
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