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  1. I hate to say but I've never experienced anything but slow data speeds downtown. I was just happy that I could get ANY data while in the BMO Bradley Center. My HTC ONE showed 4G once in a while (bounced between 3G and no service) and I was pulling data but painstakingly slow. Still envious of the folks watching other NCAA game video streams on their phones.
  2. So, it doesnt sound like everyone in the Milwaukee area was popping champagne bottles on Monday? I know I'm not. Since my last weeks blips of 4G near the Amtrak station where I work and use most of my mobile data, the network has been unusable (3G showing, not able to connect and actually receive/send data) thus far this week. Arggghhh, champagne is going back in the fridge.
  3. Called on Tuesday to cancel TEP on one of our devices and just asked the CSR for my own amusement when MKE was set to go live. She replied within 30 days an announcement would be made. Plus I assume a lot you got the text message from sprint on Jan 18th saying: SprintFreeMsg: Over the next month the new network will be largely completed in your area making it better than ever! http://sprint.us/network1 Reply S to stop
  4. Good news is I am finally showing 4G on my HTC One near the Post Office downtown next to the Amtrak station (since ~Tuesday of this week). Bad news cannot get a Speedtest to complete due to "Network communication issues". Baby steps. Sprint must like the movie "What About Bob". EDIT: On my 8th Speedtest attempt, I got one to finish: Ping: 97 ms Download: 0.42 Mbps Upload: 0.24 Mbps Better than pretty consistantly getting zero data connection.
  5. I experienced this monday most of the day and a lot today even with an Air Rave in Glendale. The 3G icon isnt even lighting up most of the time on my HTC One today downtown by the Amtrak Station which is unusual. Hopefully this is a promising sign.
  6. Can we expect these towers to go live before some kind of info being sent out from the Sprint "Newsroom" regarding cities launching?
  7. Just moved from Brewers Hill to just north of Good Hope Rd west of the river and didnt think data or voice could have gotten worse. I was wrong. I will be keeping an eye on that tower, praying.
  8. Was getting 4.5 down and 4 up at Whitefish Bay high school at around 7:15pm.
  9. Was able to get a speedtest in during the early innings of the Brewer game at Miller Park. Not a very consistent signal, but I still thought I was dreaming because it didn't take 20 minutes and 40% battery for me to check in on Foursquare.
  10. I too was at Summerfest last night, primarily at the Marcus Ampitheater and I had 4g popping up on my HTC One between 8:15p and 11:30p. No real amounts of data were able to be transferred. I had one burst the whole time that allowed some data through. I couldnt send a text message or do anything data wise. Could not get any 3g data either. Pretty frustrating.
  11. To my surprise, I was just getting 4G in Bayview at around 10:30 for a couple of minutes.
  12. Heading to Chicago for the weekend and a large part of my excitement is actually being able to use data on my phone other than a WiFi connection.
  13. So would you guys with knowledge of work being done on the towers and the "inside information" anticipate an LTE Milwaukee rollout earlier than what I was told yesterday on the phone by a Sprint CSR, "End of 2013, early 2014"?
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