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  1. Yeah, I thought I should try that. This seemed like the right place to post... He has a 4s because he's 14 and doesn't really need data that much. Perhaps in another year or so we'll upgrade him to LTE.
  2. My son's 4s just recently started really poor connection speeds on the cellular network. So much so that downloads are impossible. I've been searching the web to see if there was anything but could only find information from 2 years ago. What a pain.
  3. Yes, I did. I did finally resolve this today by doing a PRL update from my provider (which uses Sprint's towers). I suspect that the 8.4.1 update was a canard for this one.
  4. So, I took the 8.4.1 update and now 3g data does not work on my 5s. LTE data works fine but when it drops to 3g, no data. Has anyone else seen this?
  5. Indeed, mea culpa. Hopefully someone else will see this part of the thread and do what I should have done.
  6. Thank you! The moment I turned it on Signal Check Pro found 1x800 service. I just had the GPS satellites enabled. So now I have the BSL line but it just says "Click for map.."
  7. Android 4.1.2 Build JZO54K.L710VPBMD4 Kernel version: 3.0.31-1130792 My PRL version is 44015
  8. Hi, I have a stock Samsung Galaxy SIII running Signal Check Pro. I do not have a BSL line under the 1xRTT section. It simply is not there. I've tried turning on and off the "Enable 1X Base Station Geocoding" to no avail. The help screen says I'm running version 4.1.4. What do I need to do to get the geocoding to work? ETA: Read the FAQ dummy! Apparently Sprint isn't sending geocoding data on their new upgraded towers in the Cedar Rapids market. Bummer!
  9. I was sitting in Genghis Grill on the SW side of Cedar Rapids last night when I noticed my phone was on 4g. Verified with Signal Check Pro. I did a quick speed test and got disappointing speeds (3g-ish). The food came and by the time I looked again, it was back on 3G. The tower serving that is literally right behind the building and there was no trucks or anything nearby. Here in my house on the extreme SW side of Cedar Rapids, I only have 3g service this morning and have never seen 4g here. I'll have to head downtown today and see if get any LTE!
  10. I was not using the LTE discovery app at the time but did have sensorly running the whole time. Not sure when I'll be back that way but I'll keep these tips in mind for when they turn on 4g here in Cedar Rapids.
  11. Drove past Mechanicsville on US30 this past weekend with Sensorly running and got no 4G hits.
  12. They're back out running fiber along 16th ave this morning in Cedar Rapids. I didn't stop to ask what for. They've been playing in the street for a few weeks on Center Point Road and today I noticed a fiber spool there as well. Since we have no 3G accepted towers in Cedar Rapids proper, this is probably good news.
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