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  1. I'm using 3G, 4G is useless unless you are standing still and have full bars. Too many holes where it just disappears. I understand that they are deploying NV, doesn't really make up for the fact the "fix" got pushed back 5 months.
  2. Live on Sabine Street. 1/2 a mile from downtown
  3. I have still been having issues with data speeds in Houston. They told me in Feb. that it would be corrected in April. Now they are telling me August. Not very happy...
  5. The bottom is aluminum, which is bad for reception, and apparently NFC can't work through aluminum at all. Top half is polycarbonate for the NFC and other radios I'm sure.
  6. From what I reading from googling about 1X advanced, this would benefit, not only voice, but data as well, correct?
  7. Part of that is because the EVO 3D wasn't anywhere close to as popular as the original EVO.
  8. OOOH!! Excited to see Houston market includes Galveston!
  9. Even outside Wimax can be pretty bad. If NV helps with coverage it could be better.
  10. I meant not being spotty as hell like Wimax is. Better penetration would help them too.
  11. They released it, just like they have for other cities, to show they are working on their network. To give their customers a peace of mind. One of the big complaints Sprint got was that they weren't letting anyone know what was happening.
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