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  1. I posted this in another thread but thought I'd post this here. Site* is possibly under way. I was passing by and noticed two lifters cars (Not sure what they're called) and a huge container fenced up. Here are some pictures I took at night when I saw them, sorry if they're bad; there is barely any light and near a bank so taking pictures there looks suspicious. * Blue dot is tower. * red dot is one of the lifts near roof that tower is on * Green dot is the where the other lift and container is. Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk 2
  2. I just read on xda that wimax was added to northern Canton. Protection site possibly? http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=36129472
  3. I wouldn't say it slowed down. It possibly just didn't have a good week. Although I was disappointed at only 6 towers done in L.A metro. I wish it had been Samsung in charge of this market.
  4. I wouldn't exactly hold you back from it for certain as perhaps the dev has changed his attitude and realized that listening to costumers will get you more costumers. Even based on the feedback seems to prove the developer doesn't want to listen. By all means give it a try with the 15 min window to give it your own review.
  5. Forum runner in my opinion is managed poorly. I emailed the dev a couple of times with suggestions and bug reports and he replied saying he would release an update when he felt like it in a rude manner. I wish it would get a lot of fixes out and actually be updated with new feature because I love the idea behind it.
  6. I use adaway because it let's me easily white list certain ads or sites and well... It just works! I didn't like ad free much in the end.
  7. I use to live there when I was working... left that silly ole area... it wasn't the place for a city boy from Los Angeles. My sprint service was so-so in areas. T-Mobile was the worst.
  8. Is it not the same as other adblockers though in the end? I'm pretty happy with the way adaway works. Unless adblocks version for android offers a solutions I'm not aware of.
  9. Lmao, you fellas are funny. :-P "You can't trust freedom when its not in your hands. when everyone is fighting for the promised land."
  10. Screw this airave! Half the time my messages say "cannot send, try again". I'm thinking of demanding the new 2.5 model and if that model doesn't work I shall consider trying out Wilson equipment as I hear its much better. :-) "You can't trust freedom when its not in your hands. when everyone is fighting for the promised land."
  11. Yeah the sprint airave setting page doesn't do anything. It doesn't even block out unauthorized numbers anymore on mine. I hear others say that it doesn't for them either. A airave rep told me as well that it is something they are aware of. "You can't trust freedom when its not in your hands. when everyone is fighting for the promised land."
  12. How accurate is that Information? I've activated many used devices on my account that were never used on my account, No 36$ fee at all. I normally wait to buy new devices used once they've dropped since its cheaper. "You can't trust freedom when its not in your hands. when everyone is fighting for the promised land."
  13. This is why I will probably switch to a cheap gsm provider for my nexus needs haha.. CDMA always gets things a little late. Then again that is a rumor but if it holds to be true. That will be late release compared to gsm. Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk 2
  14. Hey WiWaveLegnth, I just wanted to let you know I quoted some of your valuable information over at an XDA thread. Just making sure it's okay with you. Link below in case you want to take a look. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=34274728#post34274728
  15. This shall be interesting... Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk 2
  16. True to that, I have no issue waiting though. I'm waiting to see if samsung will release phones with their new flexible LCDs on an S4... plus future proof LTE 800 i hope.
  17. You think that's horid? try my neck of the city 0.1 speeds... Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk 2
  18. I mapped a lot of area near the words "Downey". Here are some speed test :-)
  19. I thought the same, they are the weirdest I've seen. I couldn't get a really good glimpse at the other roof as there is no near by building I can get on to see, nor that one. Also there being a chase bank next to it, would make it look very suspicious lol! I'm try to see if I can ask the store owner.
  20. Hey Robert, went tower hunting today on to some roofs lol... people kept staring at me. Regarding site LA35XC815, I took some pictures of what appears to be the proper site location. I was in the location the maps you have show, but couldn't find panels so I went across to a near by roof lol. Is this the right sprint panels possibly? I'll attach the pictures. Seems they aren't updated yet though. Red X shows your location and blue circles show the panels I saw.
  21. Thanks! Hopefully LTE goes live on it soon. I tried everything to get it to connect to LTE with no luck. I'll be sure to keep the area updated. I'm on a tower hunt lol
  22. Thank you for that information Robert. Each day I feel as if I learn more and more from this site. i fInd service there amazing, yet it is still pending a data speed upgrade. So out of the picture, that site still has no LTE panels in place?
  23. I'm going to assume that is a bad thing? I hope work on it starts soon for LTE as it would be nice to be able to go jogging at the park while streaming good music without lag or just sitting at the park to study with access to go tether option for study resource. although the 3G speeds are good enough for pandora while working out. Btw, if it helps, I notice the site belongs to tower CO.
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