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  1. DavoM

    LG G3

    Bump. Would love to know. Thanks.
  2. DavoM

    LG G3

    Can the Home Screen on the G3 auto rotate to landscape mode? I think I remember reading that the G2 could. Thanks, DM
  3. Anybody got an update for the ETA on Sprint Spark coming to SW Florida?
  4. DavoM

    HTC ONE user thread

    I'm sure this may be old news to some of you, but it looks like us M7 owners will get Lollipop: http://www.phonearena.com/news/HTC-One-M8-and-One-M7-will-get-Android-5.0-Lollipop-within-90-days-from-now_id62438 http://www.androidcentral.com/htc-confirms-htc-one-m8-m7-will-get-android-lollipop-update-90-days I was about to upgrade to the LG G3 when I found this. May sit tight for a while until February and see how the update goes.
  5. DavoM

    HTC ONE user thread

    Sure thing. Happy to help. One more suggestion (maybe) to those of you seeing fast battery drain after the update: I was too until the sync bug I mentioned above forced me to reboot a few times. It's been a few hours since my last charge and I'm only at 88% even with some heavy usage of calls, texting and browsing. FWIW, DM
  6. DavoM

    HTC ONE user thread

    Went over to Sprint.com and checked out the community forums. Plenty of people having problems after the update syncing their contacts via an exchange server. The fix is to delete the exchange account on the phone and then add it back. Stupid, but it works. FYI. DM
  7. DavoM

    HTC ONE user thread

    I got it this morning. I do like it, but my contacts won't sync to the exchange server. My mail & calendar sync just fine, but my contacts won't yet and that's a problem. Anybody seen this problem yet?
  8. Of that, I was not aware. Interesting. I just downloaded the Sensorly app on my wife's phone. I know how to upload the speed test results for that app, but I have no idea how to get to the engineering screen on her phone to take a screenshot. Let me know if you all know how to do that for the S4 mini. DM
  9. Right, that's what they told me, but they are testing here for sure.
  10. Ok, I got my wife an S4 Mini and via the update, it now has spark. I have seen with my own eyes that they are at least testing Spark and it does work. It's my wife's phone so I rarely have it & I don't even have a speed app on her phone, but pulling up a non-cached website I blinked and it was fully loaded. Pretty cool. Peace, DM
  11. Bought this phone for my wife for a penny. She was due for an upgrade and when I found out that the local Sprint stores only sell the S4 Mini as a prepaid phone, I ordered it from Costco's website. It shipped yesterday. I did take her into a Verizon store so she could play around with the actual handset before she made her decision. Spark is not in our area, but she really liked the Verizon unit. Should be here on Wednesday. Peace, DM
  12. In addition to my questions above, I called the Sprint Corp Store here in Ft Myers and asked if we have "spark" in our area and they resoundingly said "No," so is that true?
  13. I hope this isn't considered hijacking this thread, but it is time for me to upgrade from my HTC One (M7). I'm considering the G2 & Nexus 5 and would love to know from those of you down here in SW Florida which one of these is performing well. LTE connectivity is very high on my list of priorities and my One has frustrated me in that regard over the past year. I've read much here in the user threads here on both being tri-band phones, but I'm curious which one you all recommend for our area. I believe both now have Kit-Kat. Thanks in advance for the help. Peace, DM
  14. DavoM

    HTC ONE user thread

    Just dowloaded Kit Kat this morning. Turned off Connections optimizer and made a few other tweaks. So far so good. I like the addition of a swipe right panel addition to the lock screen. As others have stated, I don't like the fact that the lock screen background can't be different from the home screen background. Peace, DM
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