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  1. This is not a question specific to Tucson but I arrived to Dallas today with my new iPhone 5S and although LTE is everywhere the speeds I have seen so far are anywhere between 400k and 4mb down and 200k and 4 mb up, I was sitting inside a restaurant and my LTE brought down 600k while my friend VZ brought down 23 MB, are these the speeds we should expect from Sprint? Not a rant but truly an honest question. Thanks
  2. I am getting LTE signal strength of -102dB, but I am hundred feet away from the tower on the far east of Houghton, since the signal is not strong is it safe to assume I am not getting LTE from that tower?
  3. That's the problem, I don't know what site is broadcasting this signal, I though I was picking up LTE from the Harrison/Broadway tower because if I was picking up from the tower next to my house I would think I would have more than 2 bars.
  4. Thank you, this is what my phone showed, also, in Sensorly, it only shows me the coverage map but nothing about sites
  5. Hello guys, I was just wondering if anyone knows if the site way easy, east of broadway and houghton is broadcasting LTE, according to Sprint CS, they are but I am only picking up a weak signal and I live about 300 years from it. How do I know on the iPhone 5S which tower I am connecting to on LTE? Thanks
  6. Is the tower way east, east of houghton and Broadway broadcasting LTE? I live few hundred yards from that tower, and i do have LTE but I get only 3 bars and the signal does not seem to be strong. I just got an LTE phone so I am still learning what is going on in Tucson, thanks!
  7. How can you tell on the iPhone if you are running on evdo or ehrpd?
  8. Did anyone pick up lte on the east side? Broadway and Houghton area?
  9. You guys at least can taste LTE, I am here in east side tucson rocking 1x! Pathetic!
  10. Ok Smurf! I will whine accurately, I though my comment was clear that "every other market" meant the market that Sprint has been working on, markets that show on a regular bases in the accepted sites thread, looks like i needed to clarify.
  11. Since last Friday, not one site has been accepted (even 3 G) in the Tucson market while every other market has had site accepted, pathetic!
  12. I do not want to drag this debate any further, but my last thought, looks like Sprint is a perfect place to work, make mistakes and blame vendors. WiMax is Clear fault, LTE is Cox and CenturyLink, I am applying to work for Sprint tomorrow! Lol
  13. I am sorry, I work in business and negotiate telecom contracts for my company and there is no way a vendor I pay money to provide service would drag their feet like this, and this is in a company that is way smaller than Sprint. I cannot for the life of me understand how Sprint exec team keep their jobs, from their CEO down. Too many major mistakes starting with the WiMax disaster!
  14. And even if that was right it still does not mean anything to the consumer, my phone is with Sprint, not with Cox, not with CenturyLink, Sprint is ultimately responsible.
  15. Wow, this is taking way so long! I do not even understand why! Not one LTE site? Not one?
  16. I have a question, can we assume that we will not see better 3G speeds even if the tower is 3G accepted until LTE is accepted? And is that because when an LTE tower is accepted it means back hauls are installed and therefore 3G will be better as well?
  17. I am not very optimistic, I setup a deadline by the release of the next iPhone next month, if Sprint does not have some LTE in Tucson I am as good as gone.
  18. My trip to Dallas FW area was not encouraging! This is supposedly a NV announced city but the network state is just plain bad! Does not look good!
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