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  1. RT @XavierWoodsPhD: Watching youtube stuff and just saw that @olivegarden now has a MEATBALL PIZZA BOWL😍😍😍 https://t.co/6zq7mO3INe

  2. Knucks need to Stay the fuck away from him, he needs to become Orlando's next coach! https://t.co/k9CXtDjGKT

  3. RT @rainnwilson: When I see a dog I say “Hello dog.” When I see a cat I say “Hello cat.” When I see a cow I say “Hello cow.” When I see a c…

  4. RT @jennashelton22: “Just because you’re offended, doesn’t mean you’re right” @rickygervais holy truth.

  5. @reneealkatib ...... https://t.co/BpxODvJ10N

  6. RT @CaryRyan78: @anthonyjeselnik SAN DIEGO!!!! Why no San Diego?!?!

  7. @alexpadilla86 @ScottandBR @latimes #FightforLA

  8. RT @CaptAndrewLuck: Dearest mother — Welcomed news! The unit has a new soldier to help the men advance down the battlefield. Readying for t…

  9. RT @MKBHD: This man is not human. https://t.co/HU759j5IvB

  10. RT @daldridgetnt: A sliver of hope for humanity: https://t.co/kHqKSGczqe

  11. RT @BiIIMurray: Word of advice: Never trust a person who doesn’t like dogs.

  12. RT @RandGetlin: Jarvis Landry || Pain Comes Before Glory Incredibly proud to share a few chapter's of @God_Son80's story with y'all. Hope…

  13. Sucks so much watching @OrlandoMagic games knowing that #SuperMario Hezonja will be a star for some other team next… https://t.co/PC84vygmyg

  14. RT @BleacherReport: Russ is fed up with Zaza’s antics. (via @royceyoung) https://t.co/pKc5TmE5Mo

  15. Thanks for the reminder Piers, only people born in america can be american citizens, which reminds me, when are you… https://t.co/l9lsgnImMN