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  1. Which leads to interference and performance degradation with current network technology. So if there is a way to eliminate the interference performance degradation, that would be a leap forward in progress in itself. However, I'm still not sure I get this whole program from even a big picture level, let alone in the details.


    I won't say I'm a skeptic. I'm just saying that as I read any information, it either is confusing, contradicts what I know to be true, or leads to more questions. So I just continue to sit on the sidelines and watch it unfold.

    I do understand what he is claiming to com and the Methods/technologies he is claiming to use to accomplish it.


    as for my described wifi setup, there is little to no interference due to lack of frequency reuse by adjacent cells.  Overlap is carefully managed in two to three layers, so cell sizes ancan be actively managed.

  2. I may have misread the white paper, but it seems like handset location accuracy is critical to making this work.  How much overhead is there to constantly report handset location?

    Not much overhead, motion projection, interpolation, and extrapolation work pretty well now.


    Plus, in theory, this technology can control the size of the "cell", so a faster moving device could be given a larger cell, possibly one that leads it a bit movement wise.


    I still think this part is bullshit, though.  I wouldn't be surprised to see that network come to a crawl when they're proven to be nothing more than integrated small cell base radio/antenna units with highly flexible output power.

  3. I'm talking about the object on the right, which leads to a small 90° L antenna 3/4 up the pole

    Imagine a NextG/Crown Castle DAS, but only smaller, and white. I'll get better pictures of the other two I've seen.



    More photos would be necessary, but there are a lot of radio devices that could be mounted to a pole.  Can you post the exact GPS coordinates of the pole?  Looks much too small to be cellular equipment.  Could be radio for electronic power meter reading or a number of other things.  A repeater would, by nature, need more wires.


    Get pictures of the antenna gear always.

  4. Thats pretty much where I am at also, although a different profession. One good thing I noticed which would negate others worries is that I believe both sprint and tmo prioritize metered data over unmetered on the network which seems fair. So nobody watching youtube on an unlimited connection would slow down anybody on a metered connection. Seems like a fair compromise!


    Edit: I went to double check on the prioritization and it seems that they 'may' do this so my comment may be in error, apologies if it is. I will wait for someone with better knowledge to chip in. Tmo does have a policy of deprioritizing those in the top 3% although they again state it's a 'may', but its explicitly mentioned in the t&c. Sprint mentions top 5%. I could have sworn they also explicitly prioritized metered data in congested cells. Maybe I'm just getting old!

    The contract on the My Way and Framily plans sucks for the user, data-wise.  I will stay Everything Share as long as I possibly can, since it (according to Sprint) does not prioritize anything selectively.

  5. My phone used to be on LTE most of the time but it is on 3G EVDO more and more lately.


    That being said, my 3G is decent here, at about 7-800Kbps average, but I think that my standard of decent must be lower than most of the forum's.  I am happy with 400Kbps.  I do parts orders, email, reference stuff, real business work.  I don't care about entertainment, and like it or not, entertainment is far more intensive than business work.  This is one reason I don't mind metered billing.  If tweens want to squander the company's bandwidth with their netflix and youtube movies, I have no issue with them getting big bills for this.  The more they spend, the less they waste, and the faster my services run.  I couldn't care less about "rich content" on my smartphone.  I want my browser to be responsive.


    If I could find the stupid kid watching stupid songs on youtube that is keeping my last minute orders from going through on time, I would put his phone in the garbage.  Youtube doesn't help the economy.  Business does.

  6. With the GMO, are the RRUs are still connected to the BBU via a fiber optic connection, just a shorter one? 

    Connections to the radios are always optical.  This is one of the benefits of the remote radio, the elimination of the signal loss in the long coaxial cable going up the tower.  Since optical has zero loss, the change from generally 200+ ft of antenna feed line to 6, can make a huge difference in cell site performance.  You can use that difference to either save power by decreasing radio power where additional capability is not required in densely deployed areas, or to extend signal range and improve in building coverage in sparsely deployed areas.  Additionally, with the reduction of interference, better radio performance should be possible.

  7. There is rumors of discounted iphone 6 at target. Possible giftcard or straight discount. Also look for trade in offers at target.

    iPhone SHOULD be a discount device anyway, especially in terms of its technical specifications.  Let the Apple fans have their day, as people other than the Lucky Goldstar and  High Tech Computer folks need a chance for a discount too, at least with devices of comparable quality.

  8. I have 14 with 11 tabs.  10-15 is a normal number for a Chrome installation that is actually used.  +1 if Flash is working on any tab, +1 for every other plugin.  Chrome's own internal task manager can be quite enlightening as well.

  9. Plugin bloat is a huge problem in modern browsers.  It is very common that things are installed surreptitiously behind the user's back, people are tricked into installing things which are misrepresented, install things and then forget to remove them, install too many things and not notice the slowdown because it happens over time, or any combination of the above.

  10. Wiping hard drives is a stupid thing to do. The waste of time in reinstalling all of your software and drivers is not worth it. Maybe it's an easy way out, but it's a stupid way out. The learning experience of learning how an operating system actually works inside is more than worth the time to manually troubleshoot and clean a computer the first few times.  After the first few times, it's so easy that you can sleep through it.

    I do this as a professional service and have never seen even any set of three automated programs that can do it better than I can just working off the top of my head. I'm not trying to brag, since anyone can learn all of these things. I just really can't stand people who are always erasing their computers instead of actually taking a bit to learn how they actually work.

    Anyone can wire in a light fixture to the point that it lights up and then (falsely) consider himself an electrician. Not just anyone can actually understand the forward and backward of wiring and electricity, and how to utilize/implement it properly and safely.

    As for the Chrome problem, unless you delete the Chrome directories under Program Files and the User and App data locations after uninstallation, extensions may remain. Chrome doesn't use a process per tab, but a thread per tab, and that's only foe the basic rendering engine. Beyond that, each extension runs in a process, which will also have a thread per tab using that extension, the Chrome control process and task manager have a thread each, a debugging process will appear silently upon detection of scripting or markup errors, an extension control and updating process (if any extensions are installed), and I may have missed one or two more. A totally clean Chrome install will have four processes.

    Be very careful with Chrome extensions. There are frequently bullshit extensions that come from people making bad choices in what to install. Additionally, many (obviously unscrupulous or financially desperate) developers have been paid off by malware creators for the rights to their already published extensions. As soon as an update is published, the new and ad-laden extension will be installed onto all computers running a previously published version, all without the user's knowledge or consent.

  11. I've seen reflection, which can cause similar issues to ingress, caused by a loose cable, too.  Most of the coax wiring I work with is 50 ohm, not 75.  Would be strange to see someone run that cable in CATV uses because it's a lot more expensive.

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