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  1. I'm having the same network "offtime" issues too in Rochester Hills...

    I had only 1X for about 20 minutes yesterday?   No LTE no matter what I tried... then boom... 1/2 hour later all back to normal.

    I was in the Rochester area for quite a while yesterday (16th).  What side of town was this?  What time did it happen?  Is this an area you frequently visit?


    I am all over the place as part of my work, so I frequently notice a lot of network "evolution" pretty quickly.

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  2. I am seeing B26 in Birmingham and Novi.


    I am also seeing a bizarre level of temporary 30 min to 1 hour long "holes" in the network, like from a single site being down in a fairly sparse area.  I think this is from new equipment being installed.  After the site is back online, performance tends to be poor, which I believe is from new hardware being installed without being adjusted to finality.  Near my girlfriens's house in Howell (M59 & Michigan Ave.) last night around 9 PM, I was unable to connect to anything but Verizon (data free) roam for about 25 minutes.  I cycled airplane mode, rebooted the phone, etc., to no effect.  I've had exactly this with increasing frequency in a few places including near home, starting in the last 2-3 months.


    Near home (Orion Township) I now have CDMA 800 from Oxford and Clarkston sites, and the site along Brown Rd between Baldwin and Joslyn (near 75) on the Auburn Hills border, has been visibly updated.  My feeling is about 25% geographical coverage of CDMA 800 in my area.

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  3. iPhone 3G and 3G S are UMTS/GSM devices.  They aren't compatible with Sprint in any way.  Remember that the iPhone 4 has a CDMA and a GSM/UMTS variant.  All iPhone 4 S models sold in the US are identical in all ways other than color.

  4. LTE 800 in Birmingham, MI (48009) yesterday.  GCI 08C0510F PCI 411 TAC 17943 EARFCN 8763 MCC-MNC 310-120


    Held CDMA 800 all the way from Southfield to Auburn Hills on a call 3 days ago.  Somehow held onto a single site/sector for over 10 miles.  Finally dropped under a bridge at Opdyke and South Blvd.


    SCP now has 19 CDMA 800 sites logged.


    Saw new dual band antenna hardware being installed on the Sprint rack of a cell site along I696 a week ago in Southfield.

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  5. 25 miles refers to the distance to the Canadian shore, which I assume includes islands. 1x800 frequencies are divided up into primary and secondary for each country iirc.


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    Right, but from Detroit downtown, it's less than a mile across the water to Canada.


    I don't see how CDMA compared to LTE really makes a difference. They are both considered wide band radio signals. The problem with the whole border thing is that Canada was still using it for iDEN radio, which is narrow band and channelized. If something on the US side was looking to use that spectrum for similar narrow band signaling, even if not iDEN, is there would not be much of an issue.

  6. Please see 4 posts up. 1x800 and B26 are broadcast from the same equipment so all 1x800 sites are B26 capable. If 1x800 is live, then B26 will probably follow shortly ????.

    I am frequently in Detroit for business, and a lot of that business is restaurants, which means that I am in the basement working on electronics. I see plenty of out-of-service messages. I have seen 800 cdma a couple of times, but I see 1900 EVDO frequently. The link for 1900 EVDO should be about the same strength as that of 800 LTE.

  7. CDMA 800 spotted yesterday in Berkley, MI via Signal Check Pro. Unfortunately, Sprint seems to like to have devices rather aggressively search for CDMA 1900 and drop 800 once they see it, even if it is very weak. Because of this, I could not track it down via Signal strength meter.


    SCP reported SID 22410, NID 213, BID 35666. Signal strength was all of -114 - -115.


    I was in the Michigan Graphics and Awards factory at 12 Mile Road and Bacon Street. It is a black hole for Sprint and AT&T.

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  8. I don't know if this is news or not but today I noticed my S7 Edge picking up 1X800 near Novi / Farmington Hills today.




    This is actually very good news.  Network performance around there is absolute crap.  The area around Twelve Oaks Mall and the Fountain Walk shopping center is weird and spotty.  It will be -95 signal with LTE and then -117 if you take three steps.  EVDO is strangely useless, where it just gets stupid and waits forever, then kicks you back to 1x repeatedly even though you could have a -90 signal.


    I just hope they fix the stupid way Sprint phones handle 1x800 in most cases.

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  9. A no greater than 5-10 minute read through this thread would have shown that others are not experiencing even remotely the same signal/reception issues.  As such, the separate threads here and at Reddit still seem unnecessary.


    I am sorry for your trouble.  But the problem is between you and Huawei.  You seem determined to raise a stink in public.  Is that an effort to shame Huawei into covering the issue under warranty?  As long as you or someone else did not cause damage to the handset during the first 30 days that you are trying to pass off as a defect, then, agreed, Huawei should honor its warranty.  However, S4GRU is not party to this dispute, and just as S4GRU does not host Sprint complaints, I am not sure that we want to host Huawei complaints either.



    Not looking to complain here, since I highly doubt Huawei reads this forum (or Reddit for that matter).  Raising a stink in public does no good in cases like this.  I am looking for, and have found, a few people to indicate that this phone should perform in a manner at least equivalent to the Nexus 6.  It gives me what I want as far as them indicating that they have no idea how it should perform compared to the other device, and perhaps I should contact other users to determine if my issues are actually atypical.

  10. I had, just looking for supporting comparative evidence to make my case. I am at the "Reception isn't covered under warranty unless you can prove the device is defective relative to other identical phones." step dealing with Huawei. You wouldn't believe the insane list of things they want me to do.


    This is actually not all of it.




    Pretty ridiculous for something in service for less than a month.




    I am unsure why a post, let alone a new thread was necessary. MrZorbatron seems already to have come to the supported conclusion that this particular unit is defective or damaged. Do not make a fuss about it -- just return or exchange the unit. If it cannot be returned or exchanged, caveat emptor.



  11. I took that to be more a general thread.  I looked through it already, didn't find what I wanted.  Additionally, a single thread for all posts, questions, commentary about a device is hard to follow, and more likely ignored.


    That and there isn't a posted rule to that effect.  There are other similar threads, just not in the Huawei section.


    Edit:  Almost forgot, I wanted to keep it separate so I could beat Huawei up with it more easily if no one else here has these issues.  They are being very difficult when I am 98% sure I have a bad device.  I posted a specific comparison, or actually two, and I am hoping that at least a few others can give their views.

  12. I just moved from the Nexus 6 to the 6P despite planning to wait for the next model.  The price was right, I like the front facing speakers, and I don't like HTC.
    I have absolutely awful reception.  The Nexus 6 was outstanding, easily eclipsing the PCS LTE and CDMA performance of the Galaxy Note 2, which was very good itself.  Huawei is being absolutely useless with this, telling me to replace the SIM card, factory reset the phone, repeatedly reset carrier settings, put it on another carrier and then back to Sprint, and lots of basically "f**k off" troubleshooting steps.
    The phone likes to hunt for LTE bands, dropping the connection frequently.  Band transitions take at least 25 seconds, compared to virtually instant on the Nexus 6.  When the phone drops to CDMA, my first indication that it has picked up LTE is having my data just stop in its tracks with no indication of anything.  After 7 or 8 seconds, it goes to No Service (hollow outline of bars), and then the bars come back.  Signal Check Pro then shows it to be on LTE, but the phone has no data connection for at least another 20-30 seconds.  It often behaves similarly between LTE bands.
    Often when the phone is on B41 with a good signal (-95 or so) and you ask it to actually do anything, it sits there for a while, then drops to band 25, then gives an error message.  I can then retry and it will go through correctly.
    Data speeds are absolute crap compared to the Nexus 6, too, and I live in a very well built out area.
    Compared to the Nexus 6, which remains usable but slow on B25 at -115 or -117 signal, this thing needs to be forced to CDMA frequently if LTE signal gets below about -108, since it can't seem to understand that it isn't getting through to anyone.  Holding the phone differently does not help at all.
    As an engineer who works (among other fields) with telecommunications equipment, I would pin the problem on a bad TX antenna connection or defective radio.  I feel like the phone is receiving a good signal, but its own transmissions are not able to be heard by the cell site.
    My question is this:  How many people have the Nexus 6P?  How is the performance?  Who has had the Note II and the Nexus 6?  How does it compare?  How does your phone behave when switching bands?  Is the radio performance just garbage on this phone, or do I have a bad one?
    I'm going to post this on Reddit /r/Sprint as well, and will post any relevant answers I get from one site on the other, just in case someone else has this problem.


  13. Everything that supports CDMA 800 supports 1xA.


    The system can always bump you to another available 1x carrier to keep 1xA channels "clean" of non 1xA devices.  If I understand what I read from Qualcomm correctly, 1xA devices still have some benefits on a 1xA cell, even if shared by non 1xA devices, just not all of them.  Higher capacity remains, for example, as do additional voice encoders.

  14. Just wanted to chime in and say I'm still alive.. I recently moved and have virtually no signal at my new house, and it took a couple of weeks to get FiOS installed so I haven't been able to easily get online for a bit. I'll be catching up on PMs, and emails over the next few days.


    With the few pennies I had left after buying my new house, I splurged on a Nexus 5X with the hopes that I can figure out this 1X/LTE display weirdness. Bug? Feature? No idea. I want to resolve the issue with the sometimes-but-not-always-missing GCI too. I am seeing this myself but haven't figured out why. Stay tuned..



    Congratulations on the house.


    The 1x thing happens on the Motorola Nexus 6, too, even with the latest firmware.  All the other glitches on this thing seem gone, though.  If it helps, LTE Discovery isn't affected by the issue and can still identify GCI, PCI, TAC on sites, so still shows bands right.

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