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  1. My LG Entertainment Bundle will be here in 25 July. This is the bundle with a mini projector and B&O earbuds. Anyone else take advantage of that promo?
  2. I'm really looking forward to the Note8. Ive had every Note since the 4. I was really bummed when the Note7 was recalled.
  3. joshuam

    HTC U11

    Anyone know HTC's history with software updates? I've never owned an HTC device, but this one seems pretty decent. I'm thinking of picking one up to be my 2nd device. This LG G6 is awful.
  4. But for many folks...it is the same. I never lose LTE on T-Mobile anywhere in central Maryland. Literally never. On Sprint, still spending quite a bit of time on 3G...and it's frequently unusable 3G. Yeah, obviously in the middle of no where, I'd put much more faith in Verizon than T-Mobile. But for for a lot of people, there isn't a difference. Will speed limited data plans impact Ookla and OpenSignal (or even Root Metrics) reports? I know AT&T doesn't really market network surveys/results, but if many of your customers are on 3Mbps plans, and they run speed tests...that would bring down the overall average of AT&T.
  5. To be honest...someone needs to ask him "Then why is Sprint constantly in last place for LTE speed"??? I'm sick of hearing about Sprint's ultimate spectrum position, when they aren't deploying it!
  6. https://opensignal.com/blog/2017/02/16/lte-how-us-operators-stack-up-by-region/ Sprint is not looking good for LTE availability or speed. They are dead last in every single category in every single region.
  7. I don't believe that for one second. AT&T growth is almost non existent. T-Mobile is taking customers from the other 3 carriers, and has for the last several quarters. This move by Verizon is strictly directed at T-Mobile, and it will work to some extent I believe.
  8. I can honestly say...I am absolutely shocked at these price points on Verizon. Kudos to them for getting back in the competitive game.
  9. SIM card fee is waived right now if you order over phone...just FYI.
  10. It helped central Maryland go from decent LTE coverage, to completely continuous LTE without any gaps that I've found.
  11. Time to switch back to iPhone I guess.
  12. Try working where FM radio can't penetrate the building, cell phones are prohibited and confiscated if introduced, and MP3 players are also prohibited. We do get a digital feed to NPR though... ????
  13. Honestly I'd rather it not have high end audio. It's more battery drain and added cost to the device.
  14. Yep. One model for all carriers.
  15. TMobile carrier settings were recently updated, and this is the TMobile thread...
  16. Seems to have made the phone not hold on to band 12 like it used to.
  17. How is the battery life on the HTC 10 now that folks have had them for at least a month? I'm thinking about picking one up...but my biggest concern is battery life.
  18. YAY! FREE SHIT! Lol...I'll take a free pizza, even if it is from Domino's. I already own TMUS stock, so hopefully I can easily transfer my one share.
  19. The ads are awesome, and the timing is great with T-Mobile getting press coverage today for "Uncarrier #11". Kudos Sprint!
  20. Spectrum is a finite resource. There are many things fighting for space, including critical emergency systems. It's not a perfect system, but I don't think anyone predicted data used and spectrum needs 30 years ago. Priorities change.
  21. Another miscalculated move. Agree they should try to move on. Can the whole series from the listening tour and start over.
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