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  1. I downloaded speedtest for 4g signal sstrength. Can anyone take a moment to explain the best speeds I'm looking for cuz some of the sights I've been to the numbers have been all over the board and I am not that familiar with what I'm seeing.
  2. I had a question. i was traveling on Cactus about a week ago between 59th and 51st ave. My 4g came on and I was getting good speeds. I traveled by there today and now I get no 4g just crappy 3g. What gives?
  3. Will the iPhone 5 show up on one of these test schedules?
  4. I have not noticed any increase in speed. Of coarse with all the snow birds and our spring training friends (like above) there are a lot less people in town.
  5. I haven't read any of the above comments. However anyone I have ever talked to about the windows phone says " They are the worst phone I have ever had". I can't picture Windows ever getting any better.
  6. So we are looking at late 2012 early 2013. I do believe that is also a window for a lot of EVO customers to come off contract.
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