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  1. To sweeten the deal, you could take advantage of the Motorola Trade Up Program http://www.mototradeup.com/?q=faqs I am actually coming from a Motorola Admiral which is a total POS, so I'm actually glad to be rid of it and get an extra $100 back from Moto in the form of a Visa prepaid card. The Admiral is a phone I wouldn't even consider keeping as a spare phone, it was that bad (and I'm on the 4th device, having been replaced under ESRP).
  2. Thank you for all the feedback / suggestions. I decided to get the Moto X (16GB black standard Sprint version), just ordered online, looking forward to it.
  3. Thank you for that info, I didn't even put two and two together when I heard that the S4 triband was going to go on sale, just assumed they'd keep selling both! Well, there's still the Moto X.
  4. So Moto/Today Show is running a promo that knocks $150 off a no-contract Moto X or takes 50% off the Moto X through contract when using Moto Maker, until it runs out. https://mdsupport.custhelp.com/ci/documents/detail/2/todayshow registration code: todayshow50 It makes it tempting ... posting here in case someone is about to buy the Moto X and can take advantage of some savings
  5. Thank you for all the feedback and I definitely appreciate it. I went to the store today to check out the Moto X in person, really nice feel in the hand and almost felt "weightless". Guy at the store was clueless on SVDO/SVLTE and tried to sell me on an LG G2 based on display size alone and was convinced it could do simultaneous voice and data. Also checked out the S4 again and was reminded how much brighter / better the display is compared to the S3 (my wife has one). They had an S3 in the case not out on display, I'm guessing they are not as popular anymore. The S3 and the Moto X both cost $100. The Moto X 32GB would be $150 if I wanted to offset the lack of microSD by going with the higher capacity. The S4 will cost me $200. Am I crazy to think that I could be happy with the S3 for the next 2 years for the two reasons below? 1) My primary area where I will use my phone also happens to be within 100km of the Canadian border and I've been reading up about the IBEZ exclusion zone limiting 800 rollout for both voice and data on the east side of Michigan, so it sounds like SPARK devices will only be able to benefit from 1900 and the eventual 2500 EBS/BRS band when it shows up. I would hope that NV deployment will improve coverage / capacity in the SE Michigan market if we'll only have 3G and 1900/2500 to work with. Also, deployment is a work in progress so I would expect to be able to benefit from improved 3G and 1900 LTE with the S3 to tide me over for the next 2 years. 2) I don't expect SVDO or SVLTE to make a comeback as new devices go triband, I also don't expect VOLTE to come around in the next 2 years that would restore simultaneous voice and data over what I hope would be much improved Sprint NV deployment. I feel like the S3 would let me get the most out of the network for the next 2 years and then reevaluate device strategy against how the network is doing. If VOLTE comes about by then or SVLTE makes a comeback, then it makes it easier to decide what device to get next. Otherwise, I would think the S4 and Moto X may still be available then, so I could still keep SVLTE and move to a better device than the S3 which be pretty ancient by then.
  6. smalltimehack, thank you for the feedback. I wish I could have it all but I know that won't happen. The Moto X is what I'm leaning towards and have heard that battery life and bloat-free is well executed on the Moto X. It would be a no brainer if only they made a MAXX version with a larger battery, that would make me feel pretty good about it.
  7. I have been sitting on an upgrade for a while and am trying to decide between the Moto X or the S3 / S4. This is for use primarily around the metro Detroit area. I decided this was the best place to post this somewhat lengthy "question" to see what other members may have to say. What I am drawn to: + SVLTE and preferably SVDO + removable / large capacity battery or at least a "semi-easy" serviceable battery + expandable storage + stock / near-stock Android without bloatware What I don't care about: - solid build, metal construction, etc (since I will cover it up with a case) - tri-band (since it currently comes at the expense of SVDO/SVLTE) - bloatware that takes up room and slows down the phone (Touchwiz) Ideally, I would love to see a future Moto X with tri-band support, SVDO & SVLTE, expandable microSD storage, larger and/or removable battery (to allow for extended battery swaps with new rear cover) and retaining all the good things I've heard about the Moto X like active notifications and always listening but I don't expect that to happen, so I'm hoping to get some opinions since I'm sure many Moto X owners probably came from the S3 / S4. Why I like the S3: S3 and HTC One X were probably the last phones which supported both SVDO & SVLTE, One X's battery is near impossible to replace which is why I'm drawn to the S3 since I can swap out the battery easily for a larger one and keep on chugging for a full day of moderate/heavy use. Plus, the S3 has a microSD slot. Both are heavy on bloatware but CyanogenMod can probably fix that although I'm hearing that the latest S3 4.3 update pushes KNOX which creates a permanent "flag" that is tripped if you root, so I'm a little concerned that this may leave me stuck with Touchwiz if I don't want to risk warranty. I can live with the single band LTE and 3G coverage with ongoing NV upgrades. However, I'm concerned that this phone may just be a bit "old" and its display and speed alone may be rather behind the times. Why I like the S4: S4 loses SVDO but still keeps SVLTE. Faster, better and slightly larger (brighter) AMOLED display over the S3. Larger battery to keep up with the processor and display upgrades. Also am keen on the floating touch which claims that the phone will work with regular gloves on ... haven't tried it out but if it works as they say, using the phone with winter gloves on will be pretty sweet. Same concerns about KNOX upgrade being pushed out that may result in me stuck with Touchwiz to keep warranty. Why I like the Moto X: Still has SVLTE. Good display. Near stock with Moto X unique features like active notifications and always listening, everything I've read seems to indicate that this is the first phone that actually just "works" and does it really well. A little bummed about the lack of microSD but can get around that since they offer a 32GB version for only $50 extra, which is more reasonable than say Apple! I've heard the battery life is decent but this is probably my BIGGEST problem with the Moto X ... I want something that can stay off the charger from morning until night and work quite a bit. A removable battery (with options for extended) is ideal but even a larger battery that's somewhat "serviceable" is still acceptable. Why I'm not drawn to the SPARK devices like Nexus 5, LG G2, etc: Tri-band phones don't have SVLTE or SVDO (based on current line up). I think having SVDO/SVLTE with Network Vision upgraded 3G coverage and single band LTE (where available) will make more sense in the short term (2-3 years), at which point tri-band LTE may be more mature and hopefully, SVLTE makes a comeback. Sure, they're great phones but as someone who doesn't game on his phone, I'd prefer better network coverage for voice and larger backward compatibility for SVLTE and SVDO when possible. So that's it ... I'm hoping other users, especially those who previously had an S3, S4, etc and now have a Moto X can tell me what's great and what's not. Thanks in advance.
  8. There have been some reception issues around the New Hudson and Brighton area past week and most recently, text messaging network issues. Sprint did confirm that network vision upgrades were being worked on in the Brighton area, so here's to hoping for the best.
  9. 10/23/2010 is when the new policy went in to effect. I don't think Sprint was in the wrong for changing their policy but I do agree it is more inconvenient. This is why I signed up for ESRP ... $4/mo is reasonable for having continuous, in-store repair from day 31 until whenever I change phones (including after 1 year). There's too many easy things that can go wrong with phones and I'm willing to pay $4/mo to not deal with having to mail my phone in to the manufacturer, be without a phone for several weeks, etc.
  10. Do you have any insurance billed through Sprint right now? If you have TEP (Total Equipment Protection), it includes ERP (Equipment Replacement Program) and ESRP (Equipment Service and Repair Program). ESRP covers mechanical or electrical failure due to defect or normal wear and tear with no deductible. There is no limit to the number of claims. ERP covers loss, theft, physical or liquid damage with deductible. There is a limit to the number of claims, as well as a deductible (currently $50-$200) depending on the device tier. An SIII for example is a Tier 3 device, with a $150 deductible. If you have TEP ($11/mo) or standalone ESRP ($4/mo), your phone would be covered for what you've described, at no cost to you since it's a mechanical/electrical failure. (I have ESRP standalone and it's covered faulty headphone jacks. I also just got a refurbished phone at no cost to replace my 13 month old POS Motorola Admiral that had major issues such as 2-3 minute lag for placing calls which was a combination of hardware/software issues). I didn't see the point in getting TEP which included ERP since I'm pretty careful with my phones, I always have a spare (old) phone handy as a backup, and it didn't make sense to have to pay $7 more than ESRP ($4) per month, which amounts to $84/yr + $150 deductible for a phone replacement ... I'll just suck it up and use an old spare phone or hit Craigslist/Ebay and find a Sprint phone for ~ $200 or less and call it a day if and when that ever were to happen. I'm hoping you have, at the minimum, ESRP or TEP ... this should take care of you with no cost out of pocket, regardless of how long you've had your SIII, even if it's outside of the manufacturer's warranty.
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