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  1. @JT_theQB4th I just wanted to say thanks for the great years of awesome football at Ohio State. I enjoyed the many… https://t.co/r8rUWdq0L5

  2. Android Police and Ting are giving away three unlocked Moto X4s! https://t.co/m8tAO9WeKd

  3. Android Police and Huawei are giving away a Mate 9! https://t.co/BbprtcOQfU

  4. Android Police and BrexLink are giving away a bunch of Type-C cables and Type-C to microUSB adapters! https://t.co/0jkopLAxbG

  5. Awesome! To celebrate reaching half a million followers, @AndroidPolice and @Nvidia are giving away a SHIELD Pro. https://t.co/euFKFgiNmf

  6. Android Police and OnePlus are giving away a OnePlus 5 and accessories! https://t.co/jQn8tdQnht

  7. RT @ANut1331: @11W O-H-I-O chant in Ichigan Stadium. They even tried booing over us. #BuckeyeNation #GoBucks #WeAintDoneYet https://t.co/z…

  8. I did a speed test yesterday with Sensorly/Signal Check Pro and I had the B41(2). I was getting 30+ down. I thought that little 2 was an indication that I was on CA :/ Either way, I did more tests around town (with my new N6P) and a lot of the towers seem to be much much faster. Some locations had 50+ down! Last time I checked tower speed has been over a year so a lot must have changed in my area!
  9. OK cool thanks! Is there an app that shows what LTE band I am currently on?
  10. Hello! I was snooping around in the settings an noticed my preferred network type is set to "global" even though one of the options is labeled "LTE (recommended)". My LTE data seems to be flowing smoothly I just don't want to miss out on any LTE bands or waste battery life. Here is the pathway to the setting: settings->wireless & networks->more->cellular networks->preferred network type Thanks for any info or thoughts on the matter! Love this phone!!!
  11. Got my shipping info today woohooo!! 64GB Aluminium ordered on the Oct 29th. Based on the other forums it seems like the aluminum 32 & 64 GB are flying out! Now if only my cases and screen protectors would ship now....Yes I have a problem.
  12. WARNING: Do not buy the car charger linked in my past post! It does not look like it will use quick charge.
  13. I cant seem to find any information on the exact process of activating a nexus 6P on the Sprint network. I have the correct sim card in hand but am not clear if I have to call, web chat, or just plug in the sim. Sorry a bit new to the whole sim card thing as my S5 is my current and only phone I have ever had a sim car for. Thanks for any info on this.
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