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  1. RT @CowboysNation: Stephen Jones: Leary & Mincey back this week.Next Week: Hardy & Rolando suspensions end.Gregory & Dez soon after#rein

  2. RT @JayGlazer: Again, you play a violent sport & are violent to a woman privilege of playing that violent sport should be taken away! Act n…

  3. RT @Skriptzophrenic: Dungy: Cowboys are in trouble (0-1 loss against San Fran by 11)Dungy: Don't panic. Patriots got this (0-1 loss to th…

  4. "@Gsensabaugh43: You know what……….. we still got this game Go #CowboysNation 2nd half comeback coming up..." thanks bro!

  5. RT @CowboysNation: Nick Foles is looking like he did against the Cowboys Week 7 last year.

  6. "@midnightblender: @YogaInHighHeels @FantasticVeej @LifeWithYBJ lol I'll never be on a tv show again!" @TLC such a rip

  7. RT @espn_macmahon: Cowboys' last game vs. 49ers was most impressive of Tony Romo's career. Broken rib, punctured lung, comeback win. http:/…

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