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  1. My tower near 156th and industrial(omaha ne) just started giving a signal recently. For this basic 4g tower, how far can I expect to recieve a signal? Also, once this is upgraded to the 800mhz that i keep reading about, how much farther will the signal reach?
  2. I am aware of the Valley and Millard area 4G towers.. According to sensorly, Papillion/LaVista is getting some signals, the Bellevue area, as well as some central Omaha and downtown areas. Can anyone confirm how many 4g towers in Omaha that are fully functional at this current time?
  3. Thank you! I also see that it has Adreno 320 GPU. How good of a GPU is this? Is it powerful enough that it could technically render an xbox360 equivalent game? (seeing how the xbox360 is many years old)
  4. I have no idea which processor I have in my Galaxy s4. I just purchased it through sprint on Friday. I read on wikipedia that there are a few processors, including an octa-core processor, and an GT-I9500 that DOESNT support LTE How do I know which processor I have in mine? Hardware Version: L720.08 Model Number SPH-L720 Let me know if you need any more information from my 'about device' options.
  5. Does Anyone have any updates for Omaha? How much longer until 4g covers the whole metro area?
  6. Maybe this is a dumb question, but what is GSM? and what is CDMA2000?
  7. can anyone confirm the exact location of my LTE tower? I am sitting at 144th and F st, so just a few blocks north of Q st
  8. My Phone: RSRP: -106dBm(15asu) RSRQ: -11db, SNR: 18.2db My Friends Phone (AT&T) and his is showing about 60-70ish percent strength RSRP: -99dBm(19asu) RSRQ: -8db, SNR: 17.2db
  9. SignalCheck showed about 53% signal strength.. is 4-5mbps pretty average for sprint LTE? My friend has AT&T and he gets about 20mbps average
  10. Sorry for such a large image, i wasnt sure how to edit it on this forum
  11. I am in Omaha, NE and Sprint very recently(in the past 4 weeks) set up 2 towers, one right by my work. YAY! Anyways, when i upgraded my phone yesterday the Sprint rep said it was just installed and is in a "beta testing stage" and may more may not come offline intermittently. Question: For anyone that had a 4g tower in 'beta' stages and now its up fully functional, how long does it take for them to fully complete this stage? As you can see below, im getting around 4-5mbps steady download. Although its rather slow for 4G, I am insanely satisfied because I can stream HD youtube, browse anything internet related, etc without any problems. I did have a couple hiccups on a HD video, but everything is mostly great.
  12. The 4G test result above shows "sioux city, ia" but thats just the server he is running speedtest through, he was located at 156th and center, right by the new LTE tower. 7.2mbps not too shabby. I was told this LTE tower is in beta stages.
  13. Before I even begin, I just want to clarify that this is NOT a rant!! This is simply a collection of reviews and results of what is currently real time with many Sprint customers, paired with submissions from others whom are fortunate to experience Network Vision and LTE completed in their area. Please feel free to post a before(if you have it) and after results of your data rates in your location, 3G and 4G(if possible.) My City: Omaha, NE Current Status: Network Vision not completed, in progress LTE Tower at one location, 156th and Industrial Ave (As far as I am aware) Speed Test Location: 144th & F St Before (October 2012) After (July 4th, 2013) As you can see, significant improvements have been made to the tower near my location, although I still find these speeds to not be as good as I would prefer. I dont think this tower has recieved the Network Vision upgrade as of yet, I just think they had a tech increases data backhaul. Sprint 4g LTE Test Results from friends galaxy S3
  14. So when all updates are said and done, can we expect Sprints new network to be faster and more efficient than any other network? I saw in PC mag that AT&T dominated as far as speed, with verizon not very far behind at all. Of course Sprint was last, but they expressed dramatic signs of improvement
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