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  1. i personally before NV improvements i was rating sprint 8/10 in voice and 3/10 in data. but after NV things change a lot now i give them 10/10 in voice and 8/10 in data maybe i can rate better data if i have a phone with more RF power than the evo lte.
  2. may be in pr are other cariers unlimited like t mobile but their signal is really bad there are a lot of places that they fail sprint to me has been one of the best carriers in the island i have been with all of them and all has their problems claro voice service stinks there are doop calls everywere att is to expensive and customer service stinks and open mobile isin't that great . sprint will be the first to have lte in all the island not only in the biggest cities. if sprint dosen't satisfy you go to another company an good luck
  3. from my apartment at mayauez using the vertedero site in mayauez i have seen better speeds and better signal almost everywere
  4. tomorow i can that site a few weeks ago they intalled the new panels
  5. today in the aternoon i see a few workers at fajardo in el pueblo site
  6. thats great so bad that im in my hometown that the speeds are really bad 50kbps or less im really ancious to return to mayagues to test
  7. from what i see every site in mayauez has the new equipment but isin't activated
  8. today I saw workers at the terras site and the vertedero site at mayauez
  9. today the terras site and the howard jonson site were down. the viaducto and the zoologico one were in 1x
  10. that from the añasco site the vertedero site doesn't have lte at the moment
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