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  1. Yes, Philly was launched at the end of July. We're at about 45% of LTE sites currently approved. And it isn't necessarily that long until you guys see a Wilmington launch. With the exception of one tower out in Delaware County, the Philadelphia market didn't see any LTE whatsoever until mid-March. We have one of the bigger markets in the country, and they were able to get us to a launch in what, 4 months? So since NV equipment rollout is pretty far along in DE, it stands to reason that once your backhaul issues are settled, you could see approved LTE towers popping up like weeds.
  2. I was able to carry an LTE signal of varying strength all the way from I-95 in Newport near Rt 141 southbound onto Rt 1 straight down and across the C/D Canal Bridge until I reached the toll plaza. I mapped it on Sensorly as well. I don't think I uncovered any new towers but I think they're fine-tuning the coverage in place. Last week, those same towers gave me spotty connections toggling between LTE & EVDO at least 3 times.
  3. I don't know about that. The very first 4G signals picked up in my market (Philadelphia) were in March 2013, and it was officially launched less than 6 months later. Obviously results vary, but once they start rolling it out, coverage tends to come in clumps. Now if by legit you expect a blanket covering 100% of the area then you might be right. But you shouldn't be surprised to see your 4G experience improve fairly quickly from here on out.
  4. That was me Friday night...I was cycling airplane mode while heading over the new flyover ramp. My Note 2 eventually picked it up for a short stretch.
  5. It's actually a tower in the Central Jersey market...still no LTE love for South Jersey. Delaware just had it's first LTE accepted tower go live just this week though, so activity is happening all around. Hopefully LTE is only weeks away somewhere in SNJ...
  6. True, the tower we're referring to has only been classified as LTE accepted. I've seen plenty of those sites up my way not actively transmitting an LTE signal for weeks or longer while other sites not showing as LTE accepted have been transmitting LTE for months. Also, as these sites have come on line, there have been plenty of situations where LTE is not actively in one or more directions from the tower. I guess we'll know soon enough. Just please realize we're telling you what the evidence most likely suggests as there's nothing more frustrating than false hope. As sponsors, we see data that could shed more light on the situation in the Sponsor Forums. As that info is expressly forbidden to be discussed here, I can't elaborate. Maybe donate what you can to the site and take a look for yourself. I'm not trying to sell you anything, just trying to help explain why we're skeptical.
  7. At least based on the Sensorly tracks, I don't think anyone was very close to the LTE site. If they were, there would be a much stronger signal. If you take a look at the bridges from PA into NJ, you can see similar distances covered into NJ from the PA sites. Also, the Sensorly tracks are consistent with the location of the new PA site. Anyone who is a Sponsor can see the location to get the idea. Again, I hope I'm wrong because I am very excited at the prospect of LTE service between PA state line & Lewes, but I don't want to get my hopes up when evidence shows to the contrary. As someone who was similarly LTE-starved until April when signals started to pop up all around me, I know the frustration of waiting to see that 4G light up just once on my phone, then the elation of seeing it happen for the first time.
  8. Not trying to burst anyone's bubble, and I could be wrong, but there is a new LTE-accepted site just on the other side of the border in PA. I hope I'm wrong, but until I see something concrete to the contrary I think this is a PA site.
  9. This is the truth...I had an EVO Shift before my EVO 4G LTE. WiMax was adequate when stationary but I had big problems handing off soi spent the majority of time on the 3G network. When I upgraded & was forced to use 3G 100% of the time, I realized just how slow the network was at the time. However, once NV upgrades began in my market and I started to see speeds of 1-2 Mbps over eHRPD I realized that LTE wasn't mandatory to have a satisfactory browsing experience.
  10. This is the result of all the LTE towers coming online along I-95 in Philly...my Note 2 can carry LTE a solid 2 miles into New Jersey from both the Betsy Ross & Walt Whitman Bridges. I can't wait to see purple to start popping up on Sensorly in South Jersey & Delaware; I am getting spoiled by the blanket of LTE that now covers almost all of Philadelphia and immediate N&W suburbs. I have a feeling it will be a lot more consistent across the relatively flat terrain in SNJ/DE.
  11. I was just able to complete a call to one of these lines. Hopefully the problem is solved?
  12. I'd be willing to bet the lines affected were once on the Nextel network, while the phone lines that work were opened up as Sprint.
  13. See the link posted above: https://puck.nether.net/pipermail/outages/2013-July/005765.html [outages] Sprint: "We don't need those servers over there, turn them off"Tony Patti tony at swalter.com Mon Jul 15 11:33:50 EDT 2013 Previous message: [outages] Possible issues with Google via Atlanta again? Messages sorted by: [ date ] [ thread ] [ subject ] [ author ] Sprint is having a cell phone outage affecting the entire east coast, any phone which was EVER on the Nextel network, even if subsequently moved to Sprint years ago, calls not going through. ETTR 1pm CST. Apparently Sprint shut down the servers which controlled the Nextel network, after shutting down the Nextel network itself two weeks ago, not taking into consideration that turning off those Nextel servers would break the ability to use many Sprint phones. "Unintended consequences" Tony Patti CIO S. Walter Packaging
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