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  1. RT @marceloclaure: 2/ It’s easy! W/ @Sprint #GalaxyForever, get the LATEST Galaxy device after 12 lease payments on your #GalaxyS8! https:/…

  2. Yes, I live near 27th and Loomis and it's bad... It's only because we are on the boarder of old and new tech. It should be taken care of by 12/23
  3. Yes, I Confirmed when I got into work today that Loomis and 94 is the tower that has 800 turned on.
  4. 1x800 is broadcasting from 4267 W Loomis Rd, The tower is making it to St. Lukes.
  5. 29 towers with either vision or LTE turned on 11/21 in Milwaukee area (13 LTE sites not just 10 like mentioned in the acceptance reports) <--- Sprint Spark symbol
  6. Franklin Tower was broadcasting 1X800 all the way to my store in Oak Creek. I'm looking forward to having one great network.
  7. Yeah I tested the 800 band in West Bend the other day and you can use your phone in Walmart :-P, when you could only get roaming in there before.
  8. Madison Area will be completed for NV in October. Oak Creek and Franklin will be complete in Nov West Bend and other areas near by there are September.
  9. The real question is have you ever tried to park in that parking lot? For right now you will have to stop by the store on Miller Park Way.
  10. Just a little tid bit, the Sprint Stores have a way to show you what sites have been completed for NV.
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