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  1. Got my iPhone SE. I like the small size a lot better than my old iPhone 6. But the reception doesn't seem to be as good. I live in an area with marginal signal, but lately my iPhone 6 would hop onto LTE maybe 30% of the time. This iPhone SE seems much more likely to stay on 3G.
  2. Is this what I should expect my GMO site to be converted with? Currently my closest tower is inside the tiny little cross structure on the right.
  3. Same here. I'm surrounded by GMOs that won't be upgraded for a lonnngggg time, yet I'm shown as covered in orange 4G LTE. These maps are, like, predictions for 2016.
  4. After reading this review, I think I'll hold off until a higher-specced phone is released.
  5. I'm thinking about maybe upgrading to an iPhone 6 for use when I travel outside of my 1xRTT/3G hellhole. When I'm back home, though, are there any applications available that are similar to SignalCheck Pro? Something to show signal strength, LTE band, etc.?
  6. It's been updated after May 28 (which is its original post date, in 2013), because it mentions June LTE launches in SLO and Paso.
  7. So are all of you able to turn off your cellular radio and just use Wifi only?
  8. And this is why I still use a 3G phone in the year 2014.
  9. Yeah, that's barely usable. You're going to have to wait for LTE towers to be put up closer to where you are. You're probably connecting to one that's pretty far away.
  10. I wouldn't expect to do anything with an LTE signal that weak.
  11. Probably 100MB for the non-unlimited (1GB) lines.
  12. Thank you for those links. Does anyone have links to the Everything Data plans in the EPRP store? Log in here (enter Russ.S.McGuire@Sprint.com and 383). The only plans listed are the new ones at the moment. I'm looking for the old ones as detailed on this page. This is important because these plans were web-only. You could never call in to get them.
  13. I've heard that E-Care is a pretty good department. Maybe e-mail them? ecare@cc.sprintpcs.com
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