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  1. Try ##72786# , you may need your msl tho.
  2. Its basically everything just south that was still legacy. They call it Sunbury cluster 1 but a lot of it is in Westerville.
  3. I'm not certain. There are a lot of sites with equipment ready with no backhaul. They may be waiting for back haul to all towers in a cluster before they light it up. BTW Sunbury Cluster 1 migrated to NV last night. 5 towers with 3G voice.
  4. The other 3 sites show they have Ethernet but are not scheduled for anything additional right now.
  5. All Hail....how you been? Wish i could be more active in this but its been such a depressing rollout. The whole of the state of Ohio is second to last place in NV rollout at like 50% followed by Colorados 44%. Just makes me very sad considering everywhere else is 80 to 95ish. I'm constantly amazed at the information you guys post tho, pretty cool.
  6. You guys have been real busy i see. CoZ I have a pretty solid list of new 3G sites going live this month if youre interested
  7. 2 more LTEs. Burlington and Clay Oh. Near Mt Vernon.
  8. Your ? mark west of nelsonville is no ? Its for realsies
  9. do you have the one just south of jeffersonville and the one in nelsonville? They were the most recent.
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