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  1. It seems like they have options. Being in the South Central PA Shentel market, I'd love to see Shentel wireless business purchased by T-Mobile. I hate having zero resources to get phones repaired, make actual billing inquiries, get the same deals on phones.. as well as being an ignored market as far as upgrades to towers more than 1/4 mile off of I-81/I-83. https://www.fiercewireless.com/wireless/shentel-carrier-at-crossroads-sprint-and-t-mobile-merger Full Disclosure: Prior Shentel employee for 5 years, love the company and hope the best for them.
  2. Well, I just got back from Hilton Head/Blufton and unfortunately service in the area is as bad as ever. On 278 I get good service, but not great.. but more than a mile or two off of the main highway and service is downright unreliable. My phone barely works at all on the beach in Hilton Head (near Coligny) and it's just sad.
  3. No, I could try that but most of my wife's calls are outside of our area code since she calls family and out of town friends a lot, so that wouldn't help very much.
  4. Good news, my Nexus 5 is now on LTE in Shentel markets (mostly used in York). Bad news, it doesn't like to make phone calls now. I've switched from Global to LTE and after using that setting for the past day no improvement. I guess I'm glad that my Moto X will be here tomorrow.
  5. I saw 4G pop up once or twice in my State College travels last weekend but I didn't get much of a chance to see how the N5 was acting there since that was technically Sprint territory (I beileve) rather than Shentel. If I had time to waste I'd drive to Baltimore tonight before swapping my phone but I'm just going to swap the N5 for the Moto X and once I hear that the issue has been resolved I'll grab a new N5 from the Play Store. Thanks for the info everyone.. and I'll be following this thread again!
  6. Same here.. I haven't held 4G for more than a few seconds on the N5 yet my Moto X held 4G for 90% of my drive to State College.
  7. So, are we able to confirm that Shentel has the eCSFB Gap Issue which is stopping the LG G2 & Nexus 5 from using LTE, or is this an intermittent issue that might only effect certain towers since I haven't been able to use LTE anywhere in Harrisburg/York since getting the Nexus 5. If Shentel territory is effected by the eCSFB Gap Issue would there be any way to know a timeframe for this to be resolved?
  8. Handset: Nexus 5 LTE connectivity: None Location: York, PA 17404 & Harrisburg, PA 17102
  9. Thanks, I guess I can give it a shot. I wasn't sure if Shentel had their own version of this because I'm sure that me telling Sprint that there are service issues in a Shentel territory won't get me very far.
  10. Does anyone know if there is a way to report coverage issues to Shentel or Sprint? I recently got rid of my Note II due to inability to make/receive phone calls or send text messages anywhere in the Harrisburg/York area but there are still a few areas where I get no service that I feel are well enough populated that they shouldn't be lacking service (near 1700 S Market St, Mechanicsburg, PA for example).
  11. Yeah, I'd like information on the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton area as well... every time I visit I think about switching to Verizon since not only do I not have 4G past Hershey but I also roam half of the time I am up there.
  12. Last night I did some mapping on I-83 S between Harrisburg and York, coming over Reeser's Summit I had LTE and held until I exited in North York, so it appears a tower near Etters is now online. Again, I have to admit some shock that Etters, PA received LTE coverage before downtown York, PA.. especially because according to Sprint LTE is launched in York.
  13. So, what are the chances that Shentel got LTE up and running in downtown York for tonight.. for the York City's New Years Revolution presented by Sprint? Shentel dumps a lot of money into advertising in York so it would be great if their phones weren't the only ones that didn't work in York city at midnight tonight.
  14. I don't believe that Altoona is Shentel territory, is it? If Altoona is getting LTE I'd love to see State College and Wilkes-Barre coming soon as well (I know that these are not Shentel territory).
  15. So, the launch on Black Friday was great.. and I get LTE in a lot of Harrisburg and Mechanicsburg now and bits of York but York City is in need of LTE so very badly. I love going downtown but know every time I do I'm going to effectively be cut off from the internet. I'm hoping after the holidays that we start seeing more towers launch like we did before Black Friday.
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