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  1. So you were WiFi calling on another phone or the G2? I've really only tried Hangouts Dialer for Wifi calls on my stock KK G2 and the echoes were horrible.
  2. Back in business. After numerous restarts it finally held the normal homescreen after restarting while plugged into my laptop. Quickly disabled the quick window setting and it's all good. Now I'm going to send it for warranty repair at LG due to poor GPS and poor voice quality during calls.
  3. I'm Stuck! My G2 doesn't have a quick window case but is stuck on the quick window lock screen. I pulled my regular case off and it's goes to the quickwindow mini lock screen. When I swipe to unlock it the quick window section stays in place and I can't get my regular home screen. Is there a way to get to home screen without doing a factory reset from recovery screen? Regular reboots haven't resolved the issue. Thanks!!
  4. Try disabling the "ok Google" voice detection from any screen setting in Google now. When I did this my stock G2 alarm started working again. Since then I installed "KitKat Clock" from the play store and reactivated voice detection.
  5. It's pretty easy to set up a Sprint account with Google Voice. Once you have that you can use the hangouts dialer for WiFi calling and calls over LTE.
  6. Is this what your looking for? https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.anandbibek.notifypro
  7. Band 41 connections that went silent for the last few months around Aurora and the DTC(~Greenwood Village) are reappearing and Highlands Ranch is starting to light up. Big Woot!
  8. The loss/weakening of previously covered areas continues, including part of Aurora around Colfax & 225. I had been getting mostly band 41 with some B25. Sent from my GT-P3110 using Tapatalk
  9. I've noticed a big decrease in LTE coverage throughout the DTC area the last few days. Is anyone else experiencing this?
  10. I had a similar problem and managed to get to system settings->Apps->Home->Uninstall updates. That got things working for me. But since you've factory reset you've probably already covered this.
  11. I share your issue in Denver area. Don't get me started! Does anyone know of any progress on fixes or ROM's that allow IOT hidden menu/LTE Only on KK ?
  12. Change is a comin'....Now- I got a faint, short-lived connection(B41 -122dBM) just as I posted the prev. message.
  13. Anyone else having trouble connecting to Band 41 today? Prior to today, I've picked up Band 41 around Aurora, DTC, and, what appeared to be, a quickly expanding region of the southern metro area. Today I get no 4G, even when I switch to LTE-only mode. Wondering if this is device-specific or a network change?
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