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  1. ##data# from the dial pad. Sent from my iPad4 using TapatalkHD
  2. updated last night, i havent noticed anything different but i never had any wifi issues to begin with
  3. Not really any better for me after the update. Sitting here with my wife's gs3 on a -83dbm lte signal while my EVO won't even pick it up after a airplane mode dance. sent from my LTEVO
  4. Just got the update now. Don't see any difference as far as signal. Sent from my iPhone5 using Tapatalk
  5. over at my sister in laws house now, heres a speed test from my wifes ip5 after trying for 20 minutes to get it to actually complete. and heres 1 from my evo early this morning when i drove by on my way to work. honestly i hope they get this resolved as this is almost identical to there 3g issues in this area for the past 2+ years, great speeds at night, barely useable during the day and evening yet they continued to say nothing was wrong/towers werent over loaded/ over capacity etc.
  6. Yup, over by ny sister in laws house has been awful over off Westover hills. We left there 1 night around 4am and I was pulling 20mb, but during the day your lucky to get 200k, most of the time it just times out on everything. Sent from my PG86100 using Tapatalk 2
  7. My daughter's iphone5 had a sprint sim card installed. sent from my LTEVO
  8. Rooted on a custom rom here and no problems. Sent from my iPad4 using TapatalkHD
  9. If your using the EVO its spotty, my daughter's ip5 is almost always on lte. sent from my LTEVO
  10. lmao, the s3 is my wifes and the ip5 is my daughters. there 2 lines were up for upgrades this year. wife was still rocking the original epic before i upgraded her. my daughter had my og evo. looks like ill upgrade them again next year since all my lines i upgraded this year are eligible again 5/1/13.
  11. well ive been so busy with life ive kinda put dealing with this on hold but the past week ive suddenly started noticing the phone is picking up lte quite a bit more than it used to. still no where near what the s3 and ip5 get.
  12. i couldnt believe my ears when they said that. 1604/bandera they were there last week when i was in there and of course they were on 3g i really need to just have a camera crew follow me around all the time. i always seem to find these type of people around town all the time.
  13. They were missing from the display. The s3 and ip5 displays were on LTE as were mine. sent from my LTEVO
  14. welp i got kicked outta the store for calling the tech and manager morons but with a choice word before it lol. these jokers tryed telling me the evo cant connect to lte because........................wait...........................wait......................its not an lte capable phone only the ip5, s3, and viper are lte phones in sprints line up. i had to laugh but then i guess i got a little too agressive with my wording when telling them they were morons and that even the name of the phone is the evo 4glte.
  15. At the sprint store now with the EVO along with the s3 and ip5. Both on LTE and the EVO on 3g. sent from my LTEVO
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