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  1. RT @HistoryofWrest: Heading into Monday like.... https://t.co/j0boIwOSuO

  2. RT @Susan_Hennessey: This is a legitimately shocking exchange. https://t.co/CSteFyVZu6

  3. RT @TheRickWilson: Well, I can see the delicate sensibilities of people who support a man who mocks the disabled, POWs, our war dead, and w…

  4. sarah huckabee reciting MLK last speech is the most offensive thing i have seen today. #fb

  5. RT @bubbaprog: https://t.co/RL1hCSeNnH

  6. RT @JoeNBC: Jews in Europe face attacks from both Islamic radicals and right-wing extremists. Government officials must do more to fight an…

  7. RT @Ali_H_Soufan: The new National Security Advisor. https://t.co/uzBud884FP

  8. RT @TheRickWilson: Oh, hey reporters: https://t.co/gIYcsIu4HO

  9. congrats to SUNY Buffalo Basketball

  10. RT @danpfeiffer: I guess "Fox News: a Racist Clown Car" was too on the nose https://t.co/5ZNrVKLaOt

  11. RT @_youhadonejob1: Maybe this is the greatest thing seen in 2018 so far. https://t.co/nAFtT59xqb

  12. RT @EdCNN: As President Trump applauds Xi's consolidation of power in China, our @willripleyCNN goes to Tiananmen Square, where the governm…

  13. RT @EliGundry: No no no no this is not how gender works! You don’t just guess it via an API call! You let the user choose to identify with…

  14. RT @barefootboomer: Lingard doing a #BlackPanther celebration is a fantastic end to a great goal #ManchesterUnited https://t.co/KKJtYkWXs0

  15. Always ba tweet for everything https://t.co/5B6pMxqJKm