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  1. Anyone else having issues where they aren't receiving phone calls or text messages? My issue started sometime Thursday afternoon. Seemed ok yesterday and earlier today and now back to no calls or texts coming through.
  2. Well, I either have a bad device or the improvements are being misstated. I have been 100 yards away from an active LTE tower and still had to do the airplane mode dance. And this is a tower that has been up and running for months.
  3. It does seem better but still not as good as I expected it to be. Still having to do airplane mode more than I feel I should.
  4. I see you have the EVO. In my experience, as well as many others, the EVO does not do a good job of acquiring the LTE signal in areas that aren't saturated with LTE. If you haven't tried toggling the phone in and out of airplane mode you may want to try that if you're in an area where you suspect LTE to be present.
  5. I believe the tower on the Dulles Hyatt was just turned on. Looks like testing since uploads are very low but this is awesome news. I pulled 10MB down on a speedtest with the EVO and a coworker 19MB with the iPhone 5
  6. I'm non JB now as well with the EVO and it appears they have not fixed the LTE issues - very, very disappointed in that.
  7. I don't know that I agree on that. The distance seems pretty large for one tower. I was able to keep signal to the Giant on Elden. Conversely, I work next the Dulles Hyatt and cannot get any LTE signal here. I am closer to Frying Pan & 28 at work than I am at home or for that matter Worldgate or Clocktower.
  8. I'm confused - so the Herndon area around Clock Tower has LTE up, at least to some degree. I mapped a few areas with Sensorly last night. Based on signal strength it appeared the tower is likely around Frying Pan. Crossing over to the Worldgate side of the Toll road I had signal in and out and then gone. Then suddenly back again at Worldgate (that tower is on the Marriott). I live nearby and have had horrible service there lately so this does make some sense. However, the signal doesn't seem to cover a full 360 yet and not much strength there. Am I picking up signal carrying from, perhaps, Frying Pan, or would the have things turned on and testing without all panels up and operational? Also, I'm using the EVO LTE and having to force LTE only and constantly toggle airplane mode or radio on/ off to find the signals.
  9. I can confirm LTE in that area. Only had a brief chance to pick it up but will try more later. Hopefully I got a bit uploaded to Sensorly at the time. I wasn't able to determine tower and had to force LTE on the EVO in order to find it. I'll try to search further tonight.
  10. I'm excited to see things finally lighting up. Hopefully the fact that the tower by me has been complete crap for the past 2 weeks is a sign of things coming (Herndon/ Reston areas)
  11. Has anyone heard anything more definitive on roll outs here? I'm in NOVA (Herndon area) and have the tower near my home completely useless - speed test just keeps saying try again. The tower directly across from my office (visible from my window) is almost equally as worthless. Not ranting but almost 6 months of virtually no service is wearing on me. I'm in the B'more market frequently and know the wait will be worth it but the lack of service at the moment is more than painful. I keep thinking they will turn the switch soon but I've been holding my breath too long now.
  12. I have an Airave from about 5 years ago when they first came out. Is there anything different with the newer model? For example, does the newer model have any advantages in an LTE area, etc. I would assume voice is voice no matter what area the Airave is deployed in but I'm not up on the topic or technology at this point.
  13. It does seem that the EVO LTE does suck at acquiring an LTE signal. I can be staring at an LTE tower and it will stay in 3G. Rather disappointing to me.
  14. Laurel, I believe, is in the Baltimore market and the whole area is slowly showing LTE. The DC market is in a lot of flux right now. I am near Dulles and have the most horrible speeds I could imagine. A call to Sprint last week indicates NV should be live in my area by mid October. I say NV rather than LTE because the person I spoke to did not specify. Hopefully the backhaul will be in place soon. I can also say that Bethesda, MD (also DC market) was horrible today. One can only hope that this means a lot of transition is underway and LTE will be here shortly.
  15. Looks like a good start for Sprint. I'm curious on the DC market though. This market has quite a wide array of locations that extend throughout Northern Virginia yet the update lists "Washington, D.C.-Arlington-Alexandria, Va."Is this just the start or is there some further delay? I spoke with Sprint on Friday and they indicated NV upgrades should be complete by mid October near Dulles Airport. I'm not assuming this means LTE but at least the backhaul improvements we need. Any ideas?
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