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  1. Side B is The Joshua Tree's secret weapon.

  2. If you want to keep up on the latest for those commentaries, follow @FanboysWithLove.

  3. Photo: @alanjvandyke has completed the transition from dinosaur enthusiast to actual dinosaur. http://t.co/p3etajU6

  4. RIP Dave Brubeck. One of the best.

  5. I'm recording fan commentaries for every Bond film. Follow @FanboysWithLove to keep abreast of all the updates. Dr No coming soon!

  6. Windows Mobile ads seem to be saying "This is a phone for idiots." Luckily actual idiots will have no clue they're being talked down to.

  7. Just finished recording the Goldfinger commentary with @acorvey for the @FanboysWithLove podcast. It's a good'un. Look for it soon!

  8. I got sick of dealing with LTE issues on my EVO and switched over to the Note 2. I am in love with this phone. Samsung really went out of their way to create a unique user experience that differentiates itself from other Android phones and I can't get enough. I never thought I'd be so gung ho for a Samsung phone after dealing with the Nexus 4G, but this thing is aces.
  9. Are you suggesting that I, the president of Huxley college, go to an illegal speakeasy without you even giving me the address?

  10. Never Say Never Again or Skyfall? Aging Bond deals with issues from M while foiling convoluted plot by an old foe.

  11. Apple's hold music sounds more like Japanese noise rock, but that's probably because the connection is bad and I'm on speaker.

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