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  1. RT @verge: The Postal Service talks about resurrecting a band from the dead after 10 long years http://t.co/Snc9iFtJGi

  2. Classic pricing error. Now they are fixing the error. Good deal for those of us who got one though. Hopefully they will not cancel those of you who got the waiting on inventory email.
  3. Somehow I missed that one. That makes more sense now. Thanks.
  4. I'm not surprised. I was just seeing if maybe there was some development going on behind the scenes that hadn't been announced yet. Robert mentioned finding signal in Denver so I figured I would try looking for it here.
  5. on a somewhat sadder note, I am in University City and I kicked it to LTE only and it didn't pull up a signal. So I guess that means no Clearwire LTE yet. There doesn't seem to be Sprint LTE yet in ucity either as witnessed by my htc one. I am gonna take it with me to South county in a couple hours and see what I pick up there.
  6. Oh and I just activated it with sprint via their website and it worked. I had a hotspot line already and I swapped this one in on that line.
  7. I am gonna try to do a regular esn swap on the sprint website first (i have an older wifi hotspot already), if that doesn't work then I will go thru wirefly. But I don't see why you would need Wirefly to activate it.
  8. I had two orders, one under my name, one under my wifes and they both shipped and should arrive friday. Crazy stuff..The retail price on sprint's website is $249 so it has to be a mistake (wirefly charge $19.99 when you sign a contract), but they have to know about it by now and it is still listed as free on their website so who knows.
  9. "@verge: Lego's 'Back to the Future' DeLorean materializes at Comic-Con, ships next month http://t.co/TnCa9NofRo" I'll take one.

  10. I'm thinking about ordering another one... my order says it passed validation and is in the process of shipping.
  11. it is definitely free... I ordered one and I will have to wait and see if it ships.
  12. That's kinda funny because I am from Springfield, IL. I'm just guessing that there are probably equipment issues. They couldn't put wimax in there because they were having issues with equipment that was old and not maintained very well by IPCS (at the time). I'll check out the sponsor info. Thanks!
  13. I ran sensorly from the time I left U-city yesterday all the way down to imperial by my house using my HTC one. I definitely picked up 4g from 55 south butler hill down to richardson road. It was definitely fast and the 4g stayed on when I got a call. Do we know if they are upgrading all the towers to LTE? The one at imperial main street / I55 serves my house and I am really hoping they hit that one too. I know they skipped it when they did wimax rollout.
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