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  1. Something is going on in Iowa City today. I started seeing this yesterday but on the north side and up to north liberty I have been seeing a lot of Rev. A connections which I was not seeing before. Anyone who has gone through the start of an upgrade know if that is a precursor?
  2. I will see if I can't get confirmation this week and maybe even get up there to verify on my phone.
  3. I was just told by one of my users that she is able to get 4G on our test hotspot in one corner of her house in Mechanicsville, IA. Every step closer makes me happy, hopefully Iowa City and CR will light soon.
  4. Met with a sprint tech a few weeks ago and he gave me some information. He is on the data side not the cell side, but seemed more knowledgeable than most. According to him the hardware that needs to be upgraded in Iowa will take a lot more work than in some places because they not only need to upgrade the back-hauls from the towers but also the Davenport switch which has all the data going through it for eastern Iowa. IF that is true that would explain why our signals are better but data speeds still suck and are not consistant.
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