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  1. Turned off wifi calling both on the phone and on the account? If off on the phone and on on the account, I've noticed a loss of HD Voice.
  2. Do you have wifi calling turned on? That seems to disable HD Voice.
  3. Anecdotally, my wife's T-Mobile iPhone 6 started having a similar wifi issue after updating to iOS 8.3. Given that 1 data point, the wifi issue might be related to wifi calling in general and not Sprint's implementation.
  4. As a comparison, T-Mobile's implementation of wifi calling on iOS includes HD audio and handoff to/from wifi/macro networks. Hopefully sprint will be able to support similar functionality soon. Does anyone know if there is something inherent in Sprints implementation of wifi calling which prohibits these two functions? Reference: http://www.t-mobile.com/offer/wifi-calling-wifi-extenders.html T-Mobile is pioneering seamless handover between our LTE network and any available Wi-Fi connection so calls don’t drop between the two. Next-gen Wi-Fi Calling also features HD Voice quality, w
  5. Wifi calling seems to be a little buggy for me on a sprint iPhone 6. Outgoing calls on the first try fail. Redialing goes through no problem. My router is the T-Mobile ASUS TM-AC1900. My wife has a T-Mobile iphone. Wifi calling for her works perfectly.
  6. Is wifi calling suppose to support HD calling? With a couple of initial calls, HD voice does not seem to work over wifi calling.
  7. Sprint has updated their WiFi calling FAQs to include ios 8.3: http://support.sprint.com/support/article/FAQs_about_Sprint_WiFi_calling/173e331f-8423-453e-93cb-4688f6a91f67#faq6
  8. The above shots indicates a panel with CDMA 1900, CDMA 800, and LTE 1900. I assume when Sprint decides to add LTE 800, they'll need to install new panels at all of their towers. Is that correct?
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