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  1. @CallMeAgent00 Rather watch heat vs cavs

  2. Android Police and RAVPower are giving away 12 free wireless charging stands https://t.co/40XdoQKsBr

  3. RT @SeaOfThieves: Want some loot? Of course you do. Follow us and retweet before 4PM BST tomorrow for your chance to nab this exclusive #Se…

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  5. RT @DepressedDarth: *realizes it's only Tuesday* me: https://t.co/F9F49yxhPO

  6. ? https://t.co/4ItV0OJOpB

  7. I voted for @ORIGINPC for a chance to win some extreme prizes. Check out their rig and get contest details at… https://t.co/RkS82hccLE

  8. @Wario64 I'll wait for the Amazon pre-orders (thanks!)

  9. @Wario64 I'll wait for your 14.99 price error lol

  10. @bitwitkyle @wifeysauce Sucker

  11. RT @FortniteGame: Uh oh. Some players may notice issues seeing their friends or making parties. We’re aware of this and on the case. We’ll…

  12. RT @blakegriffin32: https://t.co/1uoIZ0Sxcc

  13. @CallMeAgent00 Cuz your VIDS are explosive?

  14. RT @NBA_Skits: When someone you hate makes a joke. https://t.co/OzIJX05A3L

  15. RT @DepressedDarth: I hate Obi-Wan https://t.co/78YY6qiVhu

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