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  1. I tried out T-Mobile as well earlier this year. I was actually impressed with the speeds around Greenfield, like Hwy100 and Layton, but their in-building coverage was not great. In Waukesha at my work, I had to hold my phone up in the air to send a text message. Also, T-Mobile's coverage was horrible in Muskego, it dropped to edge almost the entire time driving through or hanging out there.
  2. Dude, no cell carrier is perfect in every single spot within its coverage area. some houses and spaces are just bad for reception based on where the cell tower is located. It's not possible to show the coverage map 100% accurate down to the square foot.
  3. I know I still have my HTC One M7... I loaned it out to someone else a while ago and I don't know where it is off hand. I'll have to look around for it when I get home from work. I'll see if I can find it.
  4. I think B41 is pretty much everywhere around Milwaukee. There are very few sites without it, but I guess the sheer number of people at the fair still overload it. I went on a Saturday, so it was super busy. So maybe on a lighter day it might work better.
  5. Yea, I did on Saturday I think. It was pretty bad. Data was extremely slow if it worked at all, which it usually didn't. I didn't try texting or calling though.
  6. There are alot of variables that go into the speed you get. If I'm near a tower, I usually see 30 - 40Mbps. I've seen as high as like 68Mbps too. It's possible their phones weren't on B41 too... Maybe once you unplugged their signal booster, their phones just hopped on regular 1900Mhz LTE, which is probably the most crowded frequency, as it was the first one Sprint deployed, and alot of their first LTE phones ONLY supported that band.
  7. Well, I googled it and it would appear that Milwaukee is one of the top 50 according to this page... http://navigation.sprint.com/topmarkets.html
  8. I was at Dave and Busters watching the Packer game for a bit, that's how I could tell it was active. I don't think B26 is active on there yet, so once that goes live, you should get better coverage inside the mall.
  9. I believe I read some articles recently that said the new Sprint CEO is changing the strategy and trying to focus on getting 3-4 big markets fully deployed with B41 and once those are complete, then branch out. They want to be able to market a completed super fast network in a few markets, rather than have the whole country partially completed. So it may be a while yet.
  10. Yea... I just talked to a person who works at the other office for my company. I was always telling her about the network improvements and such. The situation got much better at the office after 1x800. They used to not be able to make calls inside the building, but it's way better there now (Brookfield, Capitol Dr. and Springdale Rd). She told me how she was at State Fair and basically couldn't use her phone. She said she's gonna be switching. It makes me sad that pretty much all the sites around here are upgraded, but one of the last few stragglers is right smack dab where thousands of people would notice it I wish they would have brought in a temp tower for that. I was at summerfest this year, and while there were still some towers around there that aren't B26 yet, my phone was still pretty usable.
  11. Not that I'm aware of. You'd think summerfest would be like the biggest event around here, or State Fair, but I do not believe they did anything.
  12. Yea, for the most part, I'm pretty happy with the improvements. I generally have LTE most places I go and there are still some towers around the Milwaukee area that haven't received LTE upgrades yet. The B26 LTE really helped alot. But I never have text message issues or voice issues. Data is generally good too, keeping in mind some towers aren't broadcasting LTE at all yet, and a bunch more are still only broadcasting 1900Mhz. So once all are LTE accepted and broadcasting 800Mhz LTE, I'll be golden.
  13. Has anyone been experiencing weird signal loss at all today around the Milwaukee area?
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