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  1. The Core Telephony framework been available and documented in the API since iOS 4.0. However, Apple has only approved Apps using Core Telephony framework from carriers and not third party app developers. If you look at the Core Telephony Framework Reference page in the iOS Developers Library you will find the documentation for the following classes: CTCall CTCallCenter CTCarrier CTTelephonyNetworkInfo I guess Apple change their policy and allows applications using Core Telephony from third party app developers. I'd be interested to see Sensorly developers will finally release an
  2. I think a new LTE site in Center City went up. I live at 16th & Fitzwater with full bars with bandwidth of 10MB down / 2MB up and latency under 60ms as of last night. I was getting LTE reception before but barely with no bars or one bar and unusable as it would crap out and switch to 3G.
  3. Has anybody here used them? I first heard their commercial on Joe Rogan's podcast. It seems that they are reseller of Sprint network. You can bring over your Sprint phone if you switch to them (only for a few phones.). The nicest part of of this company is their pricing model as they credit you back unused minutes, data, & text. Moreover, if you go over your limit they automatically bump you to the next plan up instead of charging you inflated overages. Financially it doesn't work for me as through my company I'm eligible for the Sprint Employer Discount. http://www.tin
  4. Awesome.. I hope it's what you need. I would love to see Sensorly app on Cydia.
  5. The signal has been on for the past 2 hours. I may have to disable LTE on my phone as the signal is strong enough for my phone to pick it up and stay connected but weak enough were its draining my battery like crazy. I'm not complaining and I can't wait until the site nearest to me is done.
  6. As someone who left T-Mobile in 2010 for Sprint the biggest factor for me was poor coverage in rural areas. I live in Philadelphia so my coverage at home was always descent. However, I have a ton of family in rural PA plus I love going weekend tent camping throughout the summer. So when weekends came around and I was in rural area my coverage generally sucked when I was on T-Mobile. It wouldn't have be so bad if T-Mobile had 3G roaming. However, since AT&T and T-Mobile run on different 3G bands the best I could had hope for was EDGE roaming on AT&T's network. I love that w
  7. LTE has been in and out at 16th & Catherine all morning. The best signal I've gotten is -111dBm. At first I though it was the 17th & JFK site but I haven't gotten a signal from that tower since the LTE outage on Friday. Makes me think a new site has gone up in CC.
  8. Ole Begemann did an excellent write-up built upon Nicolas Seriot's iOS Runtime Headers github repo: http://oleb.net/blog/2013/02/new-undocumented-apis-ios-6-1/ I believe what your looking for specifically is the coretelephony.framework: https://github.com/nst/iOS-Runtime-Headers/tree/76cc1d4a6e6bc5546f04448535f9e64ec22a9716/Frameworks/CoreTelephony.framework
  9. Any plans to release Sensorly App for jailbroken phones on Cydia where there are no such restrictions? There is is plenty of good info out there regarding iOS Private API Documentation that will allow you to using private iOS functions to collect signal strength and/or mobile network.
  10. I'm guessing the tower near you is down for upgrade NV (or basic maintenance) and your phone is picking up a tower further away from you that is already upgraded to NV thus why your reception is so crappy but your download/upload test figures are performing better than normal.
  11. If this isn't normal chances are they are working on a tower near you. From most accounts during the NV rollout service gets worst before it gets better.
  12. You may be picking up the tower atop the building at 17th and JFK with LTE . I live at 16th and Fitzwater and have been getting a weak LTE signal in and out for the past few days only if I'm in direct sight of that building. Like on my roof.
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