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  1. I just briefly noticed that SCP was showing the second B25 carrier at my office. It was too quick for me to get a screenshot of anything and I haven't connected to it again. If I get connected again, I'll grab a shot. It is recorded in my SCP logs and has 0A as the last 2 of the GCI whereas the primary carrier for that same sector is 02. This is over in the Plainview area near I-64 and Hurstbourne Lane.
  2. Where's the new tower? While the speeds are awesome to see, it'd be nice to have things optimized better around town. B26 doesn't stretch much further than B25 and when I do connect to it tends to be overloaded. Overall I can't complain since I'm on LTE more than 95% of the time.
  3. B41 has been popping up all over the Louisville area so hopefully once it's more widespread, they can get a tech to start optimizing all 3 bands. I still spend most of my time on B25 even when in range of active B41 and occasionally switch to B26.
  4. We saw some reduction in B25 signal strength when they flipped the switch for B26...usually in the 8-10 dBm range. However in the past few months, I've seen the B25 signal revert back to the pre-B26 levels. I was hoping it was them optimizing the new work but that hasn't panned out yet.
  5. Here's a screenshot of the deal from Cartwheel app. Good through 12/20. Didn't see anything about the trade in part.
  6. Beginning to wonder if we have techs in the area starting to optimize the network. In the past 2 days my B25 signal at home has increased by about 8-10 dBm. I'm usually sitting around -87 to -92 according to SignalCheck compared to the upper 90s that I've had since B26 was flipped on. It could be the winter weather and lack of leaves but I did see a white Jeep parked at the tower earlier this week. Anyone else noticing improved signal levels around town?
  7. pforst

    Samsung Galaxy Note Edge User Thread

    I was at a corporate store today and they had one on display... didn't ask if they had any in stock though. I would assume that if they have it on display that they have/had some in stock.
  8. So far most of the B41 installs are right in line with the known schedule that is available in the Premier thread. I don't know if the scheduled sites were already in the pipeline before the shift in focus to overburdened sites and key markets. If I was to take a guess, most of the current B41 sites were probably already permitted and scheduled prior to shift. I would also bet that we are at least a year out or more before we start seeing anything near a whole market build out of B41 just due to equipment shortages and our market status. In my opinion, B26 (outside of the few main metro areas) and especially the potential CCA agreements are key to providing better overall service in the market. If they fire up B41 on some strategic towers in the metro areas to provide capacity then the current network in the less populated areas can likely survive for a few quarters.
  9. pforst

    HTC One M8 User Thread

    I just happened to read this earlier and didn't even realize it was just published today. I want to upgrade my Galaxy S3 but can't decide between the two. It was good to have multiple perspectives for each phone. Seems like you can't go wrong with either one and it's more of a personal preference between HTC and LG.
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    Keep a Word, Drop a Word #4

    Soda Jerk Sent from my SPH-L710 using Tapatalk
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    Keep a Word, Drop a Word #4

    World Cup Sent from my SPH-L710 using Tapatalk
  12. pforst

    Network Vision/LTE - East Kentucky Market (Lexington)

    If the tower has NV upgrades then they would have installed the necessary equipment for 1x800 but it just hasn't been activated yet. There are hand-off issues from CDMA 800 to 1900 which usually results in dropped calls. Because of this issue they really need to turn 800 voice on in clusters but Ericsson doesn't work on sites in clusters. I'm hoping with the progress in the West and East KY markets that they we will see a surge of 800 sometime in Q1.
  13. pforst

    Keep a Word, Drop a Word #4

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