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  1. I have the 720T and speed/responsiveness is good - quite smooth actually. I haven't noticed any delay in opening apps and general operation although I haven't had a chance to check everything. Battery life seems about the same as kitkat. It looks like the whole thing took over 700mb off my datacap - it could be that some of the file was downloaded while on wifi. I have not reset the phone - is that recommended?
  2. I received the 5.0 update this morning OTA and have been running it since then. Everything seems ok so far - apart from the fact that the 500mb update downloaded by itself and used up alot of my data cap (I'm on a limited plan). Sprint were kind enough to credit my account for extra data though so all good in the end.
  3. yup, I'm impressed that they put it right so quickly. Good for them & the brand
  4. good news....(if this is true) https://community.good.com/docs/DOC-398
  5. a.k.a: how alienate your existing customer base. I support what Sprint has been doing recently to become more competitive but the decision to send these letters (and the amateur change communication content) leave a lot to be desired. Hopefully someone in Kansas City will see the light soon -it's not too late to fix this.
  6. The letter didn't mention how much they would be charging now that they have fixed their billing glitch. Per my company's intranet site, the charges per carrier are: Sprint $20, AT&T $0, Verizon $15, Tmo $0. Does anyone know if that is correct? If so, I don't think it's wise for Sprint to be the leader in this category.
  7. mayhew77

    Network Vision/LTE - Chicago Market

    I mentioned this is in a different thread too but FWIW I was able to change to the $50 U/L plan at a corporate store in the loop. I was out of contract so that may have been a factor but I didn't have to get a new phone or sign-up for a contract extension/easy-pay. I'm essentially still out of contract. The process was relatively straightforward and amicable (i think I had to ask twice).The test market special runs until August apparently. T&C's look pretty standard from what I can tell - this is a summary of the plan from the subscriber agreement. FEATURES: Unlimited Talk and Text,$30 Monthly Charge, (UL data is +$20) Unlimited Anytime Minutes,Unlimited Messaging,Nationwide Long Distance Included,America - Roaming Included,Call Waiting,Three-Way Calling,Voicemail,MRC is not NVP discountable ADD ONS: Unltd 3G/4G Data & Annual Upg
  8. mayhew77

    Sprint Testing New Data Plan Options

    I just went into one of the corporate stores in Chicago and changed to the $50 ul plan. It took some persuading as it is meant for new customers (so I was told) but it only took 10 min. Now, whether it was done correctly/will actually work... time will tell.