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  1. I hope so too. My theory is that whichever tower I was connecting to was adjusted to the point that the signal was no longer reaching me and whatever signal I'm getting now is from another tower. Who really knows tho.
  2. I had lte for a good few weeks and then it went POOF. Came back about 2 months later but with a stronger signal.
  3. These links should be useful to you.. http://s4gru.com/index.php?/topic/638-network-visionlte-phoenix-market-including-flagstaff-lake-havasu/ http://s4gru.com/index.php?app=blog&module=display&section=blog&blogid=1&showentry=148 http://s4gru.com/index.php?/topic/1631-questions-about-the-phx-metro-area/
  4. LTE has been absent in my area for at least over a month now after making an appearance for a few weeks. Luckily 3G works fine enough for me.
  5. Thank you, . I think this the greater challenge...I'm on my phone so I can't source but I was reading yesterday elsewhere that mobile data usage increased by more than 100% in the last year. Sprint is known however to cancel the accts of users who are using excessive amounts of data so that might be one way to sustain the network and unlimited. Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk 2
  6. Maybe with Clearwires spectrum? I'm sure someone who knows more than me will chime in. What concerns me most is that from what I have read, Att and Vzw are outspending Sprint on investments in their networks by much $ but that can always change and I have no idea what they are actually spending there money on compared to what Sprint is doing or why Sprint is spending less money.
  7. I thought Sprint stopped selling the Iphone4 in their stores? http://www.phonedog.com/2012/09/18/sprint-to-only-offer-iphone-4-online-starting-september-21/ Maybe they changed their mind..I haven't been in a Sprint store in a long time.
  8. Evo - You're not listening to anything I'm saying nor do you want to...or maybe I'm not making myself entirely clear. Either way, we can still be respectful of one another. For now I am done with this.
  9. I'm trying to understand by asking questions and instead I'm being attacked now by you. I guess I'm done with this community.
  10. I'm just saying people are not tethering as often as you think. Why keep attacking me rather than educating and providing links to all this research you keep talking about?
  11. Here is a question for you. I have Sprint and receive great coverage throughout the entire city. I'm almost always able to browse the internet and stream radio whereever I am. If tethering was such the issue as you state and was crippling the entire network, then why am I able to use my phone almost everywhere I go just fine?
  12. Robert - how often do a couple of tether's destroy the experience for other users? How many Sprint customers are receiving poor experiences directly because of tethering at any given time? IF we could have some hard facts like this then we could talk about it being an issue.
  13. When did I say people would want to tether more? I've been saying the entire opposite this entire time. Also. just because something is my opinion does not make it more right or wrong than anything you've said. You state things as fact yet are able to provide no sources to back it up. You talk like you know what you are talking about but the truth is your statements are actually just an opinion just like mine.
  14. It's already been stated Sprint can detect tethering so any loss revenue to them is something they are currently acceptable with. I'd hope they've done the math and came to the conclusion that the current policy currently benefits Sprint the most. Sprint makes it difficult to tether. Apps required to do so are not on the market and you often need to be rooted. Again, I think unauthorized tethering is done much less than we all think. Does anyone here really think that growth in data usage from the mobile connections is due to mostly tethering?
  15. It is just my opinion and I have yet to see any proof to say I'm wrong...can you source att's research? The fact is that in 2011, the top 5% of users on att and verizon used on average less than 4GB / month , while the mean was around 3GB / month. Maybe if everyone had there phone as an always on permanent internet connection replacing cable or dsl in there homes, constantanty connected to all the computers and xbox's in the house,..but I just don't see that happening very often. I suspect that tethering is not done as often as we all think, and that it is done less and less each day. I'd also hypothesize that high bandwidth apps on phones are causing greater stress on Sprint's network than tethering today and they are more of what Sprint is concerned about than tethering. In fact - every post I've seen on the internet with someone using 30GB+ a month of data has stated they done so by streaming netflix/youtube/radio all day or downloading torrents all day through there phone..not yet by tethering. If anything, Sprint should really raise all of our prices as the data connection on our phones is even more valuable and we can now do more through it than ever before.
  16. AT&T has agenda and has said lots of things that have been debunked. Tethering may be a problem (I still don't believe it), but we are starting to live in a postPC world. Our smartphones are almost capable of completely replacing the PC for many people. Everything you can do that might abuse the network can now be done on a smartphone. People can torrent from there cell phone, they watch videos, they can download large files. Really, there are very few reasons why anyone really needs to tether anymore. You can block tethering but it will only lead people to doing the things they'd do from there PC to do them on computer. How many of us post on SG4U from our smartphones today vs what it would of been three years ago? In the end I think we'll see unlimited go away unless carriers start putting further restrictions on what kind of Apps we can use with unlimited.
  17. I also wonder...will the sprint network be able to handle everyone streaming spotify or there favorite radio stations in there cars while there kids watch a show on hulu? I know more and more people doing activities like this. Verizon might have the right idea with there plans right now and its allowing them to Invest way more money in there network than providers like Sprint. I'm afraid we'll be playing catch up as people start doing more and more with there devices way before Sprint is ready for it.
  18. I understand what you're saying but I just don't think tethering is the problem as everyone thinks it is. The problem are activities that take up large amount of bandwidth and our mobile devices are going to be doing more of these things and putting more stress on the network than people who are tethering IMO, and the majority of this will take place when people are at home. I know many people who have no problem being at home without a wired internet connection as long as they can check there email and stream videos to there tv just using there phones.
  19. Interesting post..maybe carriers should use GPS to prevent us from using the network while we are at home? That way we'd be force'd to use another connection and the network would still work great when we are mobile. We are probably only a year or two away from being able to display netflix on our tv's through our phones wirelessly while also being able to play angry birds..
  20. Am I the only one who thinks tethering is the temporary problem? Whats going to happen when everyone is streaming netflix to there TV at night through there phone to there tv Or what about someone who wants to download a large torrent? Crap, LTE is faster than my home internet so I'd be saving a ton of time grabbing that 5 Gig linux distro through my phones connection, and I'll get better quality on that netflix stream too.
  21. You don't know me so who are you to know if this is my viewpoint or not? When did I agree? Tethering is actually part of my plan so I'm not breaking the rules. I'm explaining to you what many people think...you may not agree with it and you may be perfectly right but it doesn't change how people think. Also, the NN debate also covers what you said and much much more. http://arstechnica.c...tethering-apps/ http://www.muninetworks.org/content/verizon-wireless-busted-violating-network-neutrality
  22. This is not necessarily my viewpoint but it is really simple. Many people pay for data and that feel they should be able to use that data however they want. As our phones are increasingly capable, the point of tethering will soon turn mute as we'll be able to just plug our phones into some laptopesque device and use it as any computer. I wouldn't be surprised if sprint, verizon, att, etc.. will want to just start limiting what kinds of Apps we want to use on our phones depending on what plans we have. Think of different tiers of Internet. This is actually what the whole net neutrality argument revolves around too.
  23. The battle of tethering reminds me of when internet providers used to try to charge customers per computer on there home network. Does anyone remember this? First computer would be $X and each additional computer would be an additional $Y. Savvy users at the time would just buy their own router but some actually paid per computer. I think in the end unlimited will have to come to an end as some users are doing over 100GB just streaming netflix to there tv through there phone. I for one would like to see more reasonable limits. 250MB is only enough for someone who doesn't know how to use their device and 5GB can easily be reached by streaming music and not by abusing the connection. I'd like to see 5GB limits increased to something more reasonable like 30-50GB or even 100GB. This would still feel like unlimited to many but would limit the abusers and allow them to pay more. Alternatively, I'm also not opposed to throttling to just lesser 4G speed too. Android also has tethering built into it and you can also enable it w/o rooting on some devices. I think they are already tracking it as I can see usage on my Sprint.com account but with no charges. Will be interesting to see what Sprint does.
  24. 4G has been inaccessible for at least two weeks at one of the towers by me after being accessible since first sighting in la. Would be interesting to know why. Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk 2
  25. So I'm noticing a delay of about 10 seconds or so before the LTE connection gets moving. What I mean is I'll type msn.com into my phone browser and I'll wait a good 10 seconds before the page starts to download, which at that point it is quick to load the images and elements. I've noticed the same thing with Speed tests...I'll tap begin start and wait 5 seconds before it begins. Is this normal? I'm guessing it might be related to DNS/waiting to resolve ip addresses or something but haven't done much research beyond this observation. For reference, I'm in a market which is testing but has not yet launched.
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