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  1. Just tried that to see, it did not help. Not sure why it's not working. Anyone else with an M9 that could test? Worked perfect same rom on 5.1. Updated firmware of course and clean install.
  2. Updated my Sprint M9 to latest MM build this weekend. The "Reset Mobile Connection" button appears to no longer function. It did prompt for root access which I granted of course, adjusted the delay time to 8000ms (from the default 4000). Checked SuperSU root has been granted just isn't working. Worked fine on previous build. Is this a known issue? I actually used it on a some what regular basis. Everything else seems to be working fine, I mainly use the Widget on my home screen. I do block the notification in the status bar as the settings don't let me turn it off. I like to keep my status bar clean.
  3. DAMN! I don't even believe it Meanwhile my home tower just sucks, even with a decent signal strength it's sooooo slow all the time. Grrrrr
  4. In my experience samsung devices hold on to a LTE signal better than HTC. I don't care for the Samsung as I have been loyal to HTC for years. Touch Pro, TP2, HTC EVO (wimax), EVO 3D, Evo LTE, M7, M8 and of course will be getting the M9. I have friends that use Samsung and I have used Samsung phones temporally usually your signal strength is a few points higher and they won't roll to 3G as much as the HTC's. Even an old Galaxy S3 would get 2-3 "bars" where my M8 would get one on my home tower. This is my personal experience but it's been that way for as long as I can remember even on the old wimax devices. Back in the day the sanyo phones with retractable antenna were king for reception.
  5. Yea I really don't even like to go by "bars" by I do keep an eye on the actual levels rather than just the bars. I do get 4G almost everywhere now with fewer spots kicking over to 3G as time goes on but I wish we were seeing close to the 3G evdo levels on LTE which at this point is not even close.
  6. Yea it does really depend on where you are. Again low signal strength but excellent speed. I can't remember where I took that one.
  7. I'm in Minnapolis/St Paul market. I use an HTC M8 which I know Samsung gets better strength on Sprint than HTC but still. Speedtest Aprox -105 LTE on 1900 Will flop between 1900 and 800 but 800 really not that much better at least at my home tower. I have wi-fi at home and work so it's not a huge deal but I can pull almost 20 on Verizon all the time with the Verizon tower being pretty much right down the road from the Sprint one. EVDO -77 is the same spot I took the 4G speed test. I know LTE is more touchy but I'm not that far away from the tower. This by the way is not just my home tower, it's all over it is like this. What is it about the Sprint towers that the signal is so much lower than say Verizon? Sprint has 800 LTE now but even that still sucks most the time. As far as 1X coverage goes, most the towers here in my area are fixed now from last year and call coverage with Sprint is very good but the Data still blows. Do they want to go voice over LTE eventually but I can hardly keep a good LTE signal?
  8. So after waiting years we finally have a new 4G network but frankly it just isn't that good. I really thought once LTE 800 was deployed it would be better but LTE I usually get 1 bar almost everywhere. Yes I know the bars don't mean anything but LTE Signal strengths of -110 to -100 even if you are very close to the towers. Even when I drive around I can be in the line of site with a Sprint tower and still not have full strength. A -115 LTE signal will drop once it gets a little worse then it rolls to 3G with full signal under -80 EVDO strength. Sure pulling 60+ down on band 41 is nice when you are right next to the tower but you don't even have to get very far away and the signal strength is just garbage. Yes Sprint 3G was slow but strength of EVDO was never really a problem. Can Sprint just not get the network right ever? I have been with them over 10+ years stuck it out last summer when calls were dropping left and right but what is it about there setup that make the signal so low compare to the other 3?
  9. Great article. Why is it that HTC's RF has always sucked compare to other devices? I love HTC but when I'm out with friends Samsung is far better at holding a LTE signal.
  10. What font is that in the screen shot & easiest way to apply it? Yes I'm rooted
  11. When is the auction & what are the odds Sprint picks it up?
  12. Glad to see it's working for others. Mine doesn't work all the time depends on where I am and who I'm talking with. Is this something the other carriers might pick up? Would love to see sprint to verizon support but one thing at a time. This took for absolutely ever for them to get it working.
  13. wow, a useful purpose for Sprint Zone who knew. I restored my bacup from TI backup, my eta of completion says Feb 2014. My tower has been borked Since July. Would be nice if it showed the actual tower but this is a good start.
  14. So I just made a phone call from my phone (Sprint HTC One, latest firmware & radios) to a Sprint Galaxy Note 3 (I'm assuming latest firmware, I don't know for sure). Once the call was connected, within a few seconds I knew something was different. The voice quality sounded absolutely fantastic. It was kinda that same feeling when going from an SD to HD picture it's a huge difference I noticed almost instantly. I remember hearing about HD voice ages ago when the evo-LTE was announced but they never did anything with it. It sounded like I was sitting right next to the person. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this either in my market (Minneapolis) or anywhere else just because I haven't heard anything about it. Today is the very first time I have heard it work which is a great sign because my home tower has been having on going issues since early July and still does have issues. I was very impressed with the quality.
  15. I have ranted about this in a few threads around here but it has gotten so bad our local news station ran a story on it. http://www.kare11.com/news/article/1038773/391/Sprint-Tower-upgrades-to-blame-for-dropped-calls-in-MN My home area is one of the affected areas. I have been following network vision upgrades since work began in my market I believe late last year. While I understand that rebuilding a network is not an easy task, MONTHS of dropped calls with no end in site in just not acceptable. I have never had voice reception problems with sprint until now. You have people willing to pay hundreds upon hundreds of dollars to leave Sprint because it's just not usable right now. I use to pride myself on recommending friends & family to Sprint which I have sent many people to Sprint over the years. The upgrades in my area thus far has been an absolute disaster. When you start counting the months of bad service, it really starts to get at you. I have been nothing but loyal to them but something needs to get done. I have been hearing things should be sorted out over the next couple months but who knows. That's some pretty bad PR to have the news pick it up. I hope the end of this is near, even with 4G on a lot of my towers now, it still sucks. Constant cutting in & out not very usable. It's gonna be a long road.
  16. Yea I'm not nearly as dependent on data as some are since I have great wi-fi at home & work. Now my voice is borked which I have never had tower issues in 10 years with Sprint so it's not good. Going on 2 month now of voice problems gets pretty old, I can't imagine the amount of calls they must be getting with complaints. Not much better in my market. I can have the tower in site, will bounce 1X/3G/4G. It's a complete pile of garbage. I do have really high hopes for the future for Sprint but it just can't come soon enough.
  17. I'm in the same boat as the op. I recently got LTE on my home tower beginning of July & since then I have absolutely atrocious service since. Sprint doesn't do anything to fix it and we are going on 2 months. Over the last week it seems to be getting a little better but it still isn't like it was before for voice. They have 800 on now with -90 dBm or better average but LTE constantly cuts in & out. I'm less than one mile from the tower. 4G isn't done in my market yet but they are making progress but thus far it's absolutely worthless. It's almost as bad as wimax was at least thus far. I have never had voice/reception issues in 10 years up until now. I have always been loyal to Sprint but the longer this goes on the harder it is. If I can't pick up LTE less than a mile away from the tower, what good is it? I have wi-fi at home but when your out and about it would be nice to have a reliable data experience. If I wasn't on such a good plan I would be gone. Anyone shopping around sprint would be my last pick right now. I have great wi-fi at work & home so the awful network doesn't affect me as much as others but I'm starting to get really sick of it, so tired of waiting for good data.
  18. Excellent explanation on 800 LTE not being ready yet & excellent post all around. The reason I personally think they are struggling is my market was officially announced November 2012. We are coming up to almost a year and while I have seen it grow from few towers to many it's still a long ways off. The coverage while better is still very inconsistent & spotty. I know a couple friends have been extremely loyal to Sprint that couldn't stand it anymore and jumped ship. I'm not one of those people but you can only tell someone so many times that change is coming. My home tower being screwed up for over a month now is just not acceptable to me, Sprint hasn't done a thing about it. Like I said constant data drops between 1X/3G/LTE, bouncing on & off 800 voice. The data is pretty much useless right now & if I use voice it just dumps calls. I have an old Sanyo 7050 which is a reception champion that is just as bad for voice. A tower being borked in an unusable state for over a month I don't consider smooth with no end in site. Calling into a CSR is pretty much worthless, they just type your zip in and say there is a lot of network vision upgrades that's about it. They schedule a "follow up" call which half the time they never follow up anyway. Not really sure what I'm suppose to do about it at this point. I do use wi-fi at work & home (I have an HTC One) so the data hasn't bothered me that much since I'm on wi-fi alot but when your out it sucks when anyone else with another provider always has a better connection then you. I agree with you wimax worked perfect if you were in a good signal area. When your in a car, wi-max doesn't hand off to 3G so it would just dump. So yes although usable, in real world conditions such as moving in a car or going inside pretty much anywhere to me it was worthless. I'm not gonna stand outside somewhere to use data. Sure there are certain places or buildings where it's unrealistic to get service but with wi-max that was most places. Also having to manually toggle it was a huge flaw. Leave it on, it sucks your battery dry. The first time I tried wi-max on the original evo I pulled just over 10+ down at the time there was no LTE so it looked promising but once put into real world use I was disappointed. Sprint then quit building on the network here so major dead spots everywhere in the 694/494 loop which there shouldn't have been any.
  19. I never shut my GPS off, I can go 2+ days on my HTC One with light usage with GPS & wi-fi on. Have always kept it on including the original evo, 3D, evo LTE & One. It's annoying when you go to use a GPS app and you have to toggle it. I would focus on other areas to improve battery before GPS.
  20. I sure hope it is, I was kinda surprised the HTC One didn't have 800 MHz support on LTE or the GS4. If Sprint really is planning on lightning up 800 LTE by the end of the year which I have a hard time imagining since they seem to be struggling deploying 4G in this market. It's getting better but again my tower has been completely borked for well over a month now. All this weekend couldn't get a LTE signal to stick at my house. As far as TD-LTE goes, that will be cool for bragging rights but if it's anything like wimax forget about it. Even in a "healthy" wimax area, the signal would constantly dump. It was unusable while in a car. Walk inside anywhere or take a dip in the road at it was out. I have bought every HTC Flagship since the evo on release day so I have no problem buying a new phone. Looking forward to any upcoming tri-band devices, they at least need to keep the voice stable while working on data though. I really don't know what to do about my tower, calling into customer care does nothing.
  21. I have been loyal to Sprint now for 10+ years and have got plenty of friends & family on board with them. However my patience is getting very thin. Let me say that Sprint has had outstanding Voice service without issues over the years. I can't recall one time where I haven't been able to make a call as long as I was in Sprint Coverage. I have never had any tower issues up until about a month ago. Sprint turned on 4G on my home tower and ever since then service around my home area has been absolutely terrible. I have been forcing my phone onto Verizon just to make calls. Data constantly gets dropped and it will bounce from 1X, 3G, LTE as I'm driving down the road with tower in site. It's unusable in it's current state. I have called Sprint a number of times, it's just ongoing network vision with no end in site. The 4G roll out thus far hasn't been great in my opinion either. The LTE signal is week compare to 3G & dumps in a lot of the buildings I have been in. It's not as bad as wimax but it still sucks. The only reason I haven't left if I'm on a Sero Premium plan so $50 a month all you can eat. However I have tested Verizon's network in my area and it's worth double & being capped. What good is unlimited if your connection is an unstable net zero type connection. It's pretty worthless in it's current state. Sprint can make promises all they want but the bottom line the current state of the Network I rate an F at least in my area. Even before my tower issues, the data speeds are an absolute joke. Also the LTE tests I have ran I would say are averaging 6-10 down which is respectable you don't really need 30 down although it's nice for bragging rights which I have hit 30 on Sprint. I'm willing to stick it out since I'm on such a good plan & i know what the long term goal is however it's taking way too long. If I was a new customer shopping retail plans, sprint would hands down be the LAST choice. Sure it's unlimited but the retails plans are really not that much cheaper then AT&T or big red.
  22. Awesome, the improved reception will be nice without having to rely on the airave although I have had very good luck with it over all.
  23. Before 800 without airave -105 or worse in parts of the office some parts dropping calls or losing reception
  24. Thanks for the replies guys, I was just more so curious than anything. This is the first day the phones have been on 800, I'm at -85 dBm on 800 where before it was much higher than that unless of course it was on the airave.
  25. So Sprint lit up 800 voice last night on a few towers near by. My signal levels are greatly improved but I still would like the phones to connect to the Airave since I have it for even higher signal strength. Phones are hopping on evdo still via the airave but voice it's using the tower. The setup in my office there is multiple Sprint phones on multiple accounts. It would always default to the airave before but now they are using 800 so is the repeater worthless now for voice?
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