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  1. So I've updated my iPhone 6s+ to the iOS 11 beta #2 and I am now able to handoff from wifi calling to the LTE network. When the call transfers to LTE, the quality of the call gets better and the slight delay/lag that I experience on wifi calling diminishes. Also to add, when I am still on the call that transferred from wifi calling, I continue to receive other calls over LTE until I hang up. Once I hang up, the Sprint carrier name disappears and then comes back shortly. I also am able to add up to 5 people on a conference call. Call quality is great over LTE so far but I only experience it when I handoff from wifi calling. Screenshots: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BzwLtz1BiFjxekMyLVRUYzk5Q28
  2. I believe I found a sprint small cell, says mobilitie too. It looks like it's not connected to power though. Location: https://goo.gl/maps/9i6pLvT9o4r Photos: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BzwLtz1BiFjxSDhZeUtZcV9OWE0
  3. No Problem! I don't know why wifi calling causes this :-/ That's why I'll wait till voLTE is launched that way wifi calling bugs will be sorted out and hopefully there will be a handoff worked out as well!
  4. Disable WiFi calling. Under settings-phone-wifi calls-update address and click disable. This is an occasional problem I had when wifi calling was enabled so I disabled it. PS- turning off the wifi calling feature on the phone won't help, you have to remove it from you account under update address
  5. Wifi calling disabled HD voice :-/. That is why I disabled it by clicking update address and clicking disable service, this is the only way to get Hd voice back. I don't really need it, though it's a nice feature to have.
  6. I'm have an IPhone 6 and I can say that sprint is working well throughout Houston. I'm on b41 Almost always outdoors but indoors it'll switch to b26 which is quite loaded compared to b25 but data is still usable on b26. They do need to fix the b25 and b26 load balancing but my data is usable all over town compared to 2 years ago. My phone tends to work better throughout the galleria area compared to my other friends with T-Mobile and ATT( which there LTE here has slowed down dramatically) Voice services here in Houston are very good and infact hadn't had a dropped call in ages.
  7. What did the welcome text say? Did it state that data and texts are free? Can you attach a screenshot please
  8. Did you try out the value roaming offered by sprint?!!? No cost texting and data!
  9. On the galaxy S5 sms send and receive over lte. I know this for a fact just because sending and receiving sms is so much faster while connected to lte (instantaneous) and while on 3g takes 4-10 seconds
  10. B26 is a great improvement I get LTE in places i would get barely 1 Bar of 3G B41 is very spotty at the moment, when you connect to it: it is very fast but its very spotty.
  11. 1xA 800 makes a huge difference! In this room I usually have around -100 and it usually is very hard to place a call on 1xA 1900 as it takes a while for the call to connect or sometimes it doesnt connect at all and I get an error saying "out of the coverage area" My friends have to use my phone sometimes to make a call here becuase tmobile has 0 service in here... they could use wifi calling here but they dont.. i dont know why
  12. I can't tell if you are trolling or not -__- Your calls aren't dropping because of the lte signal...you are not on VoLTE Calls are connected over 1x(1900 or 800) You have to turn off lte in order to see what frequency your calls are going through, my guess would be the normal 1900 since you have an iphone... B26(800 lte) is the band that has the best in building penetration for lte. B41(2.5ghz) has the most capacity but doesn't have the best propagation compared to b26 As for b26 they just enabled it and probably haven't adjusted the down tilt. For your dropped calls it could be that either they are working on the tower in your area or you have a very weak 1x signal and your iphone doesn't switch over to 1x 800 because iPhones are like that... They prefer 1900 over 800 (for now) Your "situation" will get better once they adjust the down tilt and have b26 and 1x 800 more widespread and adjusted
  13. I haven't seen any posts on this but I found it 4 days ago and barely had time to post it http://www.fiercewireless.com/story/verizons-ip-voice-interconnction-deals-sprint-and-t-mobile-hint-volte-roami/2014-05-29
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