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  1. With the FCC and Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon have agreed to this new unlocking policy. How does this effect sprint phones such as the IPhone. I have heard that Sprint can unlock your phone but you can not take it to other carriers such as Verizon and the IPhone can only be used overseas. (Correct me if I am wrong). I am glad that this has finally happened. But when it comes to Sprint how would this work?
  2. I don't remember where I saw that post on this thread about someone's fried who works at jp Morgan chase at Polaris and they don't get lte within the building. But I also work there and I get a great lte signal inside the building and it's pulling about 8 up and 3 down
  3. I just got off the phone with my friend and he told me about the survey and I grew irritated with it being brought up AGAIN. I have both T-Mobile and Sprint Service and I still root for Sprint at the end of the day. He told me T-Molbile is where it is at and I had a thought and i told him yea they are good but due to fact it is the holiday season and people are starting to travel more this could slow down T-mobiles growth cause people will see that once on the highway data is useless and people could leave. But I told him I think this survey was done in area's where NV is not complete and/or not in the area completely. But also I think a lot of people are on the notion that if it is not Verizon it is not good. Sprint is not at its best right now but by the summer you will see a difference within the network!
  4. I am excited for this! I just do not see the need for all the bad comments on these websites like Engadget on this topic. My thinking is is you do not like you sprint service then leave. Sprints not keeping you there you can easily pay you ETF and be on your way. If you seriously do not like something most people don't see price. I think 50-60 mbps is awesome even though I wouldn't need all of that 10mbps serves my just fine. But I hope Ohio well Columbus is on that list to get Spark.
  5. I was at The Rusty Bucket today in Gahanna and to my surprise even though there is no LTE to my knowledge there the 3g speeds were really good. So I guessing this is the NV 3G?
  6. With the One Up program. You pay a monthly fee for the phone on top of your regular rate plan. My question is 1. Is there a option like T-Mobile to pay the phone off quicker than the 24 months lets say for instance 12 months? 2. If I pay the phone off is it required that I have to give the phone back? Couldn't I just pay the phone off in a year and then get another phone under the program without giving up my phone?
  7. Not sure if this topic has been discussed but with the changing of Sprints plans and the unlimited data promise for life. Is this the first stake in the coffin for Sprint offering unlimited data once their 4g lte network is completed? I guess once everything is completed, Sprint will have a comparable network to AT&T and Verizon but it wont spot on be the same. Since SoftBank has more than 50% ownership in Sprint, they want to make Sprint turn a profit every quarter. I think at this point Sprint need a marketing overhaul to repair their damaging reputation.
  8. I signed up for T-Mobile service and it has been great but this weekend went out of town to Cincinnati and dropped down to edge leaving the phone unusable besides calling and texting the whole ride to and from. I still had my sprint phone with me and was able to stream music. Sprint may not have the best network but what I will say is that Sprint is on the same page with Verizon and AT&T as far as data coverage out of major cities. T-Mobile is a great in city but I do not see T-Mobile being a major threat to Sprint UNLESS they do something about their edge network.
  9. I would rather have a quality network over the 30mbps that I am getting now with T-Mobile. At times when I am on the web it will hang up and take a little longer to get the info to and from. Even on spotify my music at times will stop as if I had a bad data connection. But like you said your not gonna notice too much of a difference if you were getting 4mbps or 30mbps except in downloading a large file but even then is the difference really that great but for sprint to focus on its ping is the better move than the speed. Verizon may not be as fast as At&t and T-Mobile but there is a difference in how fast info comes and goes and I witnessed that on my friends phone and his speeds on lte was slower than mine. I would have a burst of speed then it hangs up finishing out the loading where his would flow through with the loading. For sprint and even verizon the speed will come at a later time after they tweak their network the way they want it.
  10. Thats about all I need, I stream music and watch netflix but on Tmo HSPA+ which capped at 10mbps for me I was doing them things with no effort or buffering. But the lte speeds for sprint are kinda in line with what Verizon offers in real world situations.
  11. I do not know if there is already a thread for this but I left Sprint back in June due to the horrible speeds after 10 years with them I went to T-Mobile. I plan on switching back before the year is over once NV is more blanketed in Ohio more so Columbus OH. But for anyone who has a good amount of LTE in their state, How are you LTE speeds. Currently I am pulling in 30mbps on T-Mobile which is nice but I do not need all that. So how are Sprint's LTE speeds and how consistent are they?
  12. I miss Sprint soooo much but I had to leave and jump to T-Mobile. Dont get me wrong T-Mobile has very fast LTE in Columbus Ohio and the HSPA+ is wonderful too. I have yet to test out the network on the highway (which I dont think will be too hot E all the way). But T-Mobile is not all that to be honest I do get service at my job now as far as data goes but as soon as NV has more of a coverage in Ohio I will be switching back. My sprint IPhone is just waiting to be reactivated! My loyalty will always be with sprint. But T-Mobile's downfall is when you leave the city atleast with sprint I got 3g when I would travel and was able to stream pandora...Spotify well that was iffy.
  13. Yes I am using the one for the iPhone. Where the airport is there is a light purple small line at the top of it but you can't really see it until you zoom in some. But I don't know why they have certain places labeled in purple cause that adds to the confusion. If they are going to make them places purple atleast make the color for lte a different color.
  14. I don't know if this was answered or not but I just happened to check sensorly and I see a whole lot more purple and my question is, the purple that is now shown on Bethel and by the Osu airport and in gahanna are them different towers or is it possibly from that tower on the NE side?
  15. I was over by that tower today and I tested out YouTube and It loaded with no problem and was in HQ and I also used my Spotify and changed to audio quality to extreme and it worked with no hiccups.
  16. Well that makes alot of sense that the past has hurt sprint in the eye of customers outside of data. Now back when I was in high school I did hear someone say that sprint was for ghetto people and I never understood why someone would say that but I guess before the merger with Nextel that Sprint had low requirements to get service so anyone could just sign up with them like you stated. Sprint has some good things from the past but I guess the bad overweighs the good. I was talking with my friend who has verizon and he told me whats the point of have unlimited data if it not too usable except at night. He said I would go to tmobile before I go to sprint and and tmobile has less coverage. I do agree with him on the theres not point of having unlimited if you can barely use it. But I just hope that once NV is up and more stable that Sprint markets the heck out of it because in a way it will be their make or break for them.
  17. I get the same reaction people dont see how I do it. People speak about sprint like they are last on the list and sprint always get the short end of everything and I just do not get why it is like that.
  18. I have a question, outside of the data issue, Why is it that people refuse to be on sprint? I have seen people talk bad about Sprint more than T-Mobile.
  19. Guys what is your opinion on SoftBank being in talks with T-Mobile as a plan B if in case sprint decides not to go with Dish (which I think is crazy). This really worries me my gut is telling me that sprint my actually go with dish which would not be a smart move in my opinion. http://www.phonedog.com/2013/06/07/softbank-said-to-be-in-talks-for-possible-t-mobile-deal-as-backup-to-sprint-transaction/
  20. This is getting ooc now. Dish is never this desperate but I guess they are. I do not care too much anymore about how the whole sprint/clear/softbank/dish thing plays out. Its just too much going on lol.
  21. I was in the same boat as you in January and I decided to do the upgrade now program. I traded my iphone 4s and a galaxy note 2. The actually process the do it the rep ended up messing my account you and stuff so I was in the sprint store longer than I was suppose to. He had to put a dummy phone on my account for some reason idk. But honestly I would just wait until yuo have your actual upgrade for 1. it was go wayyyy smoother than my experience and 2. by that time you will be able to see what all phones are out at that point and time and 3. Youll be able to keep your S3 and if you want you can revert back to it if you want. I miss my 4s and wish I didnt give it up and i find myself using my iphone 5 and keeping that note 2 in the box.
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