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  1. I can probably agree with that. Sprint needs work in many cities. Which is what they are doing now but as a fallback in the case the merger falls through but to for better prep for 5G. This is really their chance to shine.
  2. That MMWAve is going to require them to place small cells pretty close together just like what Verizon is doing. Sprint on the other hand honestly just needs a good cell grind along with their small cells. Their 2.5 travels far enough. From a network perspective in my eyes, Sprint would have the cleaner looking network within cities and not all these small cells every direction you turn.
  3. Wow thats a major jump! With what is live, hows the experience?
  4. I think it will be I haven’t heard that it wasn’t going to be. Now my question is, will Sprint be able to tell is someone is abusing the roaming especially if T-Mobile is offering a better data experience and that use forces their phone to stay on roaming? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. With this roaming agreement, If I lose LTE I’ll pick just pick up a Tmo LTE signal instead of dropping to Sprint 3G?
  6. Layer 3 or I wouldn’t be mad at them allowing you to select a music streaming service (from approved list) and they either pay it or pay half of it per month after you link it to your TMO account.
  7. Looks like T-Mobile is full steam ahead with their own network plans for 5G in the event the merger is not approved. https://www.t-mobile.com/news/nokia-5g-agreement
  8. Yea especially with T-Mobiles network deployment track record. Yes one can say they had help from the failed attempt with AT&T but they have yet to slow down on expanding their network and their customer numbers show each quarter. Yes the network is not the best in every city but from the majority of them, it’s on par with the top 2. The growth of the network and customers over 4 years had been nothing short of amazing. That’s one thing no one can deny.
  9. On Reddit this guy who has Sprint said that T-Mobile is confusing when it comes to pricing. I had to laugh at his comment cause I’m trying to figure out what Sprint company he had. I think Sprint is the most confusing. Theses new plans make great examples of that.
  10. I had that one too. The flashlight was was kinda on the top side of the phone. Then I got their flip phone. Having Virgin Mobile was one of the most fun times with a cellular carrier.
  11. Right plus the branding for the company was youthful and fun (T-mobile currently). My parents wouldn’t allow me on their Sprint plan at my age. Atleast they bought the phone I wanted from Virgin.
  12. I agree. They just need to knock out the 40% by Q4 and just put it behind them.
  13. Sprint could but it'll take them forever to get it deployed. You see how long its taking them to get their 2.5 out and that's their network "secret sauce." That's to be "substantially completed" but Q4 aka March/April 2019. Last I heard it was about on 60% of towers so far so why not just finish up the rest of the 40% by that time? Thankfully my market is well covered with all 3 bands. I would love for Sprint to get more low band but they are just scraping by getting out what they have now. No need to add more at this moment.
  14. I am and have been been for years thank you very much. Also my response was an added thought. The person was wishing Sprint had participated in the 600 auction. Which is why my comment was about forgetting brand loyalty and go to a carrier what works for them best.
  15. I agree. Sprint users will gain the most from this merger in the ways of better coverage and more consistent speeds. Brand loyalty especially with these carriers is just not worth it most of the time cause they owe us nothing. If you’re not liking the quality of service or whatever, switch and go to a carrier that’s going to work for your needs. There’s no use in just settling just because you’re rooting for the underdog and stuff.
  16. Nice! But for how long though? Through the 2-3 year of combining the network? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Will this site stay alive once the merger goes through..just with a name change?
  18. Well yeah after the merger I would expect that to happen. I wonder if in the event the merger is rejected if most will be dropped in favor of the T-Mobile roaming.
  19. I think it’s nice that Sprint has a roaming agreement in the event the merger is rejected. From a network perspective, Sprint has a lot of roaming. I wonder what the roaming map looks like and how much Sprint pays? I wonder if Sprint will drop most of their roaming partners in areas where there’s T-Mobile service?
  20. oh wow I didn't think they had that many. I was guessing around 55k.
  21. How many towers does T-mobile currently have?
  22. I would guess some people don’t want to apart of those games again like the rip and replace and would just to another carrier instead. I honesty don’t see too much disturbance happening especially if you have a device that can easily fold into T-Mobile’s current network. I really don’t see the Sprint plans making up and would probably need to change your plan upon upgrading. I think for me I’ll just jump on my current T-Mobile plan that I play for my parents. It’ll just be one less thing to worry about.
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